Saturday 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween


Those who are attending the DNA concert in Chongqing tonight, have fun!

Tuesday 27 October 2009

I ♥ my Converse

After almost 3 years of abuse, my trusty pair of chucks is starting to wear out. The sides of the edge seal is cracking in a couple of places...

I contemplated buying a new pair of chucks, but they didn't have any new design that I like, so I ended up with a new pair of Nike.

Wore them last weekend and almost ended up with blisters after walking for hours. The leather is stiff o_O They say it takes time to break in a new pair of shoes and I need to break them in by next month without having to wear them everyday! Wonder if mom would mind wearing them for her daily morning walk.. XD
I never had any problem breaking in my chucks when they were brand new and they are definitely the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned.

Monday 26 October 2009


Yahoo Taiwan recently conducted a public opinion poll to determine who are Taiwan's 'shuai ge' [誰是全台「第一大帥哥」?]. The poll closed sooner than I expected, I only managed to cast one vote...

Takeshi Kaneshiro came out in the top spot (deservingly so). Don't know how Jerry Yan managed get to no. 2. Leehom is at no 9 and my favourite is at no. 10

2. 言承旭 JERRY YAN 16.6%
3. 明道 MING DAO 6.8%
4. 羅志祥 SHOW LUO 5.7%
5. 吳尊 WU ZUN 4.3%
6. 周渝民 VIC ZHOU 4.1%
7. 賀軍翔 MIKE HE 3.7%
8. 蕭敬騰 JAM HSIAO 3.4%
9. 王力宏 LEEHOM 3.4%
10.阿信 ASHIN 3.1%

Sunday 25 October 2009

Weekend enews update

What a weekend. So much enews to digest.

in Kaohsiung, Mayday paid a visit to the city to attend a press conference and rode on the MRT, which was launched in 2008 (which was still under construction during my last visit to Kaohsiung).

2 thumbs up for the new Stay Real shirt

Thursday 22 October 2009

Coldplay Viva 2010 calendar

Got my first 2010 calendar from Stephanie (thanks dear!) sometime ago but I was told not to reveal it as back then it wasn't released in the market yet. She works for the publisher who printed the Coldplay calendar - hence my free advance copy.

It's a 16-month calendar that runs from September '09 to December '10. Don't know if I am gonna use it (I suppose I shouldn't let it go to waste..) But I don't really like Coldplay much! Used to listen to them way back before their debut album was released.. when Jo Whiley used to play their first few singles a lot on BBC Radio One. These days I don't listen to them bedwetters no more.

Additional tickets for 五月天「創造55555人」演唱會

There won't be a second night for the「創造55555人」演唱會, however additional tickets will be released due to the phenomenal demand for the concert, which saw a total of 47,500 tickets being sold out in just 48 hours. Many fans who could not get tickets had to resort to alternative channel and ticket touts were re-selling $3280 tickets for up to $18000 (!!!). Some unfortunate fans fell victim to fake ticket scam.
Additional 7,000 tickets in the $980 and $1880 ticket price range with a free standing section (see picture below) will go on sale tomorrow (Friday 23/10) at 5:55PM. If you haven't got your ticket, don't miss the chance!

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Lunar birthday

Today is my birthday.. again.

My actual birthday was 2 weeks back, and today is my lunar birthday. Not that there's a need for double celebration, but more birthday pressies are always welcome LOL though I’ve already got what I wanted =D

Kobron 2009 A & W collection

Mainlanders come up with the weirdest names for clothing labels. The weirdest I've heard by far is Bosideng which is a menswear brand (who would've thought..?), currently endorsed by Leehom. Mayday are endorsing Kobron, a casual trendy clothing brand.

I was browsing through Kobron's website and they had a catalogue for their latest autumn and winter collection including this hilarious looking Inspector Gadget trench coat donned by Ashin LOL!

Tuesday 20 October 2009

iCash card

Almost each time after I step out of 7-11 in Taiwan, I'd end up with a pocket full of coins so I've decided to get myself an iCash card.

Monday 19 October 2009

DT's apartment

Here's an interesting concept. An apartment themed establishment. It's been done here - by an alfresco restaurant cum bar in town named "Apartment". Dined there once, it's actually not too bad.

And now we have an apartment themed concert set-up by David Tao in his latest concert titled "DT In Space: The Rock & Talk Show". Because his new album is titled "Opus 69" and is heavily influenced by rock music of the 70's, so here we have a retro apartment themed setup on stage. Vintage furniture for a vintage man. LOL. If the venue was any bigger, I'm sure his Cadillac or Mustang would've been a prop onstage.

David hopes to bring the concert to KL *fingers crossed* Hopefully we'll get to see him in action in town soon

Got me tix

I got my row 2 五月天[創造55555人]高雄演唱會 ticket! My belated birthday pressie =]

Have sorted out my airticket and hotel, so I'm all set to go. A big thank you to bebek for sorting out the tickets!

Friday 16 October 2009

Kaohsiung 2nd concert?

When all 55,555 tickets for the upcoming「創造55555人」concert was sold out in just 3 days, there was talk about an additional show being added.

Fans have requested that a second show NOT be added, claiming that getting the concert tickets is too exhausting an ordeal! Anyone who has gone through it would know how tiring and frustrating the process can be. Yours truly ended up staring at the computer screen for hours on end

Considering how huge the Expo is, the audience for the single concert alone outnumbers the total for the previous 4 nights at Taipei Arena (which numbered less than 50,000)

The lads meanwhile were in HK yesterday to promote the upcoming 「創造55555人」 concert.

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?

Green Day.

They are heading to Singapore for a concert on 14 January 2010 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. First time ever in South East Asia! Tickets cost: S$128 (standing), S$88, S$128 and $148 (seated) from SISTIC Outlets plus S$3 SISTIC fee. Public sales commence on 15 October 2009

I do like some of their old songs which reminds me of my school years haha! Songs like Basket Case, When I Come Around, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Minority, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. As much as I would like to attend, I'm tied down with travel plans in December (see previous post). Too many travel plans, not enough budget. Sigh.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Hunt for the Red October

Finally secured tickets to the much anticipated upcoming 五月天 [創造55555人] 高雄演唱, which will be my 10th D.N.A concert. 

Initially I planned to go only if I could secure good tickets (within the range of the first 5 rows) but after reading about how the Expo doesn't have a time limit (which means Ashin can sing well into the night until his birthday, which coincidentally falls on 6 December) and how this is gonna be different from the other D.N.A concerts, I was determined to go. By hook or by crook I had to attend this one ;)

I love outdoor gigs - the atmosphere is somewhat different. It's a lot more fun than indoor gigs and this is gonna be a massive grand one. As of yesterday afternoon, all 55,5555 tickets which went on sale last Friday were completely sold out, all in a span of just 3 days!

Sunday 11 October 2009


I hear these Momiji dolls are all the rage now. To be honest, I've never heard or read about them until I got one for my birthday from Xiao Pin.

Momiji makes miniature wooden Japanese dolls and they come in different designs. It looks rather cute don't it? Could've done better paint job though...

Ashin caught for narcotics offence..??

This is a funny piece of news. According to news report today, a certain 陳信宏 was nabbed for dealing in narcotics and the website that reported the news had plastered a picture of Ashin (LMAO!!). Not to be confused with Ashin, the real culprit is actually a Taiwanese actor with the same name in Chinese.

This isn't the first time Ashin has been mixed up with other 'Ashins' LOL. I hear it's a common name in Taiwan, and let's not forget there's another band in Taiwan called "Shin", who's ex-frontman also goes by the name A-Shin

Monday 5 October 2009

DNA [創造]演唱會 台北站 24-27 Sept 2009

This review is way overdue. It's been well over a week since D.N.A Taipei and Mayday are now in Nanjing preparing for their next D.N.A concert on 6 October.

Taipei Arena on D.N.A day 1 on a hot sunny afternoon
Stay Real merchandise booth being set up
D.N.A merchandise booth is open for business
crowd gathering at Stay Real backstage shop for the VIP deal
I've attended previous D.N.A but the Taipei D.N.A was by far the best and most special (homeground gig baby!) From the 4-D opening (we got splashed with water! and there were all these cops on bikes on the runway with rifles) to the closing, everything was top notch. There was even a set with a grand orchestra which ended with Ashin singing 起來. Top tune. Ashin was literally engulfed in smoke when singing 如煙 and each of the member got to sing solo. Even that little John Lennon kid made an appearance onstage :)

view of the crowd in Taipei Arena from row 1 just before the lights went out
D.N.A #1 24/9 was the shortest set of the 4 nights, maybe the guys were conserving energy for the remaining 3 shows. haha. The girls who sat by the runway on the second night told me that Ashin was panting and gasping for breath when he was walking back to the main stage from the runway. LMAO!! The L-O-V-E part of 戀愛ing was left out completely but it was good to hear them sing 心中無別人 which was only sung on the first night.

When Monster stepped into the spotlight with his guitar & Stone in the background and started to strum the guitar, it went all silent. There was a split second pause. I was half expecting Ashin to turn up somewhere and start singing. But Monster opened his golden mouth and started to sing 九號球 - such a beautiful rendition!!

D.N.A #2 25/9 was fun! I especially liked the bit in between I Love You 無望 when Ashin sang a few lines of "Loving You" (loving you is easy cause you're beautiful...) ahhh *swoons* Hope they put that in the DVD. Guan You sang 超人 solo for his little Rose.. aww it was so sweet. Ashin's parents and grandpa turned up on the second night. Apparently he hadn't seen his folks in months..

D.N.A #3 26/9 was rather long winded cos they ended up talking for a bit far too long. Were they trying to stretch time so they need not sing so many songs..?! Ashin kept going on about how he was afraid he'd lose his voice before the final D.N.A Taipei, about his fear after this past New Year's concert (hmm that incident has really haunted him for far too long!), Kaohsiung concert promotion, blah blah. The rest escapes my mind now.. my memory is kinda sketchy.. I do remember the bit when he sang Teresa Teng's 甜蜜蜜. That was cute.

Ashin explained that Taipei Arena's lights would go out by midnight, and it did! What a gimmick.. they sang till all the lights went off, then came back onstage with flashlights for a farewell bow.

view from row 1 - see the cannon there? That's where the confetti comes out
D.N.A #4 27/9 was a bittersweet affair for me. On one hand I thought I had OD'ed on D.N.A. after hearing the same songs over and over again night after night. By then I can remember the setlist by hard but the final show is always a special one. The dude from 四分衛 who originally sang 起來 made a special appearance onstage on the final night and there was a in-joke between him and Ashin bout singing to lyrics on the TV screen. You see, there were several TV screens lined up in front of the stage with lyrics so Ashin wouldn't mess up/forget his lines. At times Ashin would look down to read the lyrics while trying to look like he's concentrating hard on singing LOL!

The most memorable part of the final D.N.A Taipei was towards the very end when Ashin said he was gonna sing a 奇怪 song, had us pondering for a bit.. then he sang 後青春期的詩.....!! Omigosh, that's my favourite song of the album and he finally sang it live!! ♥

Sadly, security were very strict about the no camera policy so I couldn't take any vids or pics. Each time I whipped out my camera, the secuity would come running over! Janice managed to snap some really great pics from our first row seats before she was caught by security. Credit goes to Janice for all the concert photos in this post.

Sunday 4 October 2009

Jay "Kato" Chou on Green Hornet set

Bro sent me this link yesterday with pictures taken from the set of the Green Hornet. It's got Jay Chou in full Kato costume ..hehe. I'm actually looking forward to watching it when it's out (anyone knows when?) I wanna hear Jay speak English

DNA tug o' war tape

Today I finally got round to putting away and unpacking everything from the Taipei trip (it's about time!) Now on to catching up on blogging.

I was lucky enough to grab a couple rounds of the D.N.A tape thrown during the tug o' war during HoSee. I grabbed 3 rolls to be exact ;) It's so easy to grab them from the front row!

tug o' war with Ashin

i won all the tug o' war matches LOL