Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ashin's luggage

Ashin's luggage on display at Stay Real Dreams. Now that is a fine piece of art :)

20110625 STAY REAL DREAMS 一克拉夢想展 開幕記者會

Ashin at the press conference for the STAY REAL DREAMS 一克拉夢想展 which commenced today (25 June) and will run till 18 September 2011

drinking from the earth drink.. 
i can't tell you what it tastes like..
more photos --> here

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Taiwan Tourism Bureau freebie

As part of the Taiwan Visitors Association's effort to promote Taiwan as a tourist destination, the Tourism Bureau offers freebies to visitors to Taiwan and the freebies vary, depending on which season you go. Special version Easycard (Taipei's MRT card) are currently available

By far the best freebie I got from the Tourism Bureau was the 2009 DNA Taipei concert tickets with the exclusive Mayday luggage tags

Just Rock It!!! poster

A month after the concert in HK, I finally have the posters!

It was such a hassle getting hold of the posters - but all that trouble was worthwhile. I fell in love with the poster the moment I saw it. Kinda disappointed that the poster's paper quality is thin.. but at least it looks good on my wall :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

3DNA release in Taiwan

3DNA will be released across Taiwan on 16 September 2011

9月16日 台灣正式上映

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

五月天代言Nokia X7-00

The new Nokia X7-00 phone endorsed by Mayday. The phone specifications - powered by Symbian O/S, comes 4-inch AMOLED nHD touch screen and a 8 mega pixel camera. Nice touch on the camera but design wise I think the phone looks a lil on the ugly side. It could be that I've fallen out of love with Nokia years ago and no longer find any of their phones attractive.. (the truth is I've been brainwashed by Apple. My iPhone and I are practically inseparable LOL)

For anyone who's interested, the suggested retail price in Taiwan is NTD15,800. For every purchase of the Nokia X7-00, complimentary Transformers movie tickets will be thrown in (while stocks last)

the Nokia N7-00. Purchase one today and it comes pre-loaded with the band members' phone numbers LOL 

New Family Mart CF

chicken drumstick set anyone?

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Today marks the start of the 2011 金曲音樂節 [Golden Music Exposition] festival in Taipei, held at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. The eight day event will feature performances from 40 bands, with at least 28 new bands taking part. Admission is free.

Among the famous spotted at the festival today was Masa

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Christmas-NY concert

It was reported in 蘋果日報 [Apple Daily] today that Mayday will be having Christmas concert at Taipei Arena which will run through the New Year - tentatively scheduled for 24-25 December and 29-31 December [that's 5 nights concert] with 26-28 December being rest days

First Days

Screenshots taken during the 第一天/First Day performance at the recent HK Just Rock It concert - each representing an important day in Mayday's history

1975/12/11 石頭的第一天
1977/4/25 瑪莎的第一天
1975/12/6 阿信的第一天
1976/11/28 怪獸的第一天
1973/7/28 冠佑的第一天 eh.. missing from the screenshot
1997/3/29 五月天的第一天
1997/7/7 變成明星的第一天
1998/8/28 萬人演唱會的第一天
2000/8/12 巡回演唱會的第一天
2001/9/1 分離的第一天
2003/8/16 重逢的第一天
2006/5/1 與你相遇紅館的第一天
2011/5/21 與你繼續厮守的第一天

Thursday, 9 June 2011

3DNA release in HK

3DNA will be released in cinemas in HK on 15 September 2011 (ahead of Taiwan's release...?)

Ashin's earth drink

Ashin's new sculpture piece which will be on display at the 『STAY REAL DREAMS 一克拉的夢想』 exhibition later in the month

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gigs gigs gigs

I uncovered some old concert tickets last night and it brought back memories of some pretty good gigs and places I went. I've been to gigs around Asia, the States and Europe and gigs tend to be the same wherever you go, but it's the experience of different places that's memorable.

By far my least favourite gig country is Germany. One Easter I went to Köln to attend a gig. I'd never been to Deutschland and so we flew to Düsseldorf and took the train to Köln for the gig. I have never ever met so many cold people on a single trip.

The friendliest gig audience are the Scots. Once I was at T In The Park, watching the main stage from afar and trying to get a clear shot of the stage, when the bloke next to me offered to sit me on his shoulders so I could get a better view. Hee. I took up his offer though I only managed a few shots cos I was afraid I'd fall off his shoulders. In another incident at the same event, I was in the crowd and I pulled out my water bottle for a drink. I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I looked back, this bloke asked if he could drink from my bottle. Needless to say, I had to scrub the bottle after he drank from it. Even the landlady who run the B&B we stayed at offered to cook up Chinese brekkie just for us LOL.

The most obedient and well behaved gig audience are the Taiwanese. If you ever attend a rock concert in Taiwan, you never have to worry bout being squashed in the mosh pit. LOL.

Most fanatic fans are the Japanese, hands down. Everywhere I go, I see Japanese fans in the audience.