Sunday, 31 May 2009

How to get rid of smell in water bottle?

I've had my D.N.A water bottle for over a week now and I still can't get rid of the plastic smell! I've searched online for tips to get rid of the smell and most people have suggested soaking the bottle with water and baking soda or lemon juice or vinegar or bleach (wouldn't bleach corrode plastic?)

I saw during the HK concert the band are also using the bottle (they have to endorse their own merchandise) 

can you spot their water bottles?

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Taping fun

My favourite item from Mayday's D.N.A merchandise catalogue has got to the the D.N.A masking tape (I bought 3 rolls! LOL) The first thing we did was taped our luggage bags for easier identification. On the last night of D.N.A in HK, some fans had taped themselves in masking tape!

D.N.A masking tape - HKD40 a roll

I've taped my laptop - ain't it cool? ;)

look what we've done to our luggage!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

20090520-22 DNA巡迴演唱會 香港站 D.N.A Hong Kong (Part 2)


Fabulous setlist. They played two new songs: DNA and 放肆. I love 放肆!!! It's got a really infectious melody =)

I was disappointed that 噢買尬 was sung only on the first night. They played a wonderfully beautiful mellow rendition of 約翰藍儂. They also played 一顆蘋果 which I adore. 天使 has been rearranged and I don't quite like the new version.

I love the D.N.A concert costumes. In line with the black and yellow theme, the guys had matching black & yellow jackets and had their shades on during one of the set. COOL. Ashin had an array of Stay Real clothing which looked really good. I especially like the Stay Real jeans with the Stay Real fonts printed on the back of it.

Masa looking dead cool
like my new Stay Real jacket? 
Each night the concert ran for over 3 hours 20 mins (don't you just love them?) and ended just before midnight. On the first night, a Coliseum official was seen signalling to Monster that they only had a few minutes left as they were approaching midnight. By the second night, fans were demanding for a second encore. They refused to leave the Coliseum and were chanting encore and stomping their feet for over 10-15 minutes. On the third night, Ashin had to explain that as much as they'd love to continue singing, the last train was at midnight so they had to end their set by then to ensure everyone gets to go home. Yet on the third night fans still demanded for a second encore!

Of the 3 nights, they only had one guest artist, Richie Ren who appeared halfway during 戀愛ING on the second night. It was a very brief appreance, he sang only a few lines of the chorus from 對面的女孩看過來

On the last night, Eason Chan was seated directly 2 rows behind me!! He entered about 2 hours after the concert had started and there was a commotion when he came in.. when I turned around I saw several security personnel and photographers taking his photo. I've never seen Eason in person, so it was good to see him upclose.

The highlight of the D.N.A concert was Mayday dancing *cough* During intervals when the band disappear backstage to change, they had videos of the band on the screen to keep the audience entertained. I won't spoil it too much but they had some really funny videos (think Mission Impossible) and the dancing video was a fan favourite.

Once the audience had seen the dancing video, they couldn't stop asking Mayday to dance. Each time Ashin tried to talk, his voice was drown by the massive chants of "跳舞 跳舞 跳舞". Ashin kept saying if you want to see a dancing concert, go watch 飛輪海 [Fahrenheit] haha. But on the third night, they obliged the audience's request and danced! It was hilarious. Ashin and Masa looked lost while the other fared pretty well.

*all photos and videos by bloodbubble 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

20090520-22 DNA巡迴演唱會 香港站 D.N.A Hong Kong (part 1)

Mayday's brand new 2009-2010 D.N.A world tour「五月天 DNA巡迴演唱會 香港站」officially kicked off in Hong Kong almost a week ago. Obviously, my review is overdue

When we arrived at the Coliseum that late Wednesday afternoon, I was anxious to see the new D.N.A merchandise catalogue as they have not been released online. I was thrilled when I saw the catalogue. They've got some pretty innovative and creative ideas for their merchandise. I love the Mayday blank CD-Rs and masking tape!! :) Dead cool. I bought two sets of each item, and 3 rolls of D.N.A masking tape

D.N.A merchandise
They've got so many new tees for D.N.A. I personally like the mascot bear ones cos it's so darn cute. I couldn't choose between the black and white design so I got both ;)

Three of us ended up splurging HKD5300+ on the merchandise (!) and mine are still sitting in my luggage

view of D.N.A stage from the top of Row 55
Mayday played from 20-22 May 2009 at the Coliseum to 3 nights of full house audience. I still don't get why they played on weekday nights..

As I've mentioned previously, Ashin's vocals were slightly off on the first night. He had a throat problem and he was constantly using an inhaler in between songs! Towards the end his vocals got better so it was all good.

What was *bad* was when he sang 心中無別人 (first song during encore on the first night) and had almost completely forgotten all the lyrics. I think he had forgotten about 70% of the words and went on singing "la la la" to fill in the missing words!!!! I hadn't realise till then that I last saw Mayday sang that live in 2006! Ashin probably hasn't sang it much since then hence forgetting the lyrics

We had spectacular seats on the second night at the side of the stage. My friend had got us tickets for different location all 3 nights so we get to watch the concert from 3 different angles =) Night two we found ourselves on the right side (Stone's corner). From where we sat we could see the entire stage it was as though we were on the stage as them!

During one of the set they had Guan You placed right in front of us. It was the closest I've ever got to Guan You during concert cos he's always the one who's placed right at the back of the stage. It was awesome seeing Guan You play upclose.

Ashin dropped his Li Kar-shing toilet paper line and got some new lines, which were equally as lame as his previous one haha. I was hoping he'd get new lines for different nights but he only spoke Cantonese during the first night. Guan You managed a few Cantonese lines during the second night and for the first two nights, Guan You was given a spot to sing solo (with Ashin on drums)

Ashin on drums!
*all photos by bloodbubble 


Gloomy bear figurines

I picked up some Gloomy Bear figurines in HK. A pink classic 3.5" model and a set of miniature 1.5" ones. They are so adorable!! I especially like the pink ones (minus the blood)

Monday, 25 May 2009

Meeting No2Good

Got No2Good to sign on my Giordano T bag for me in HK. He's really very nice and approachable. And very obliging. He even took the time to draw the cute doodle on his autograph ;) 

Friday, 22 May 2009

D.N.A rocks HK


That was how darn good last night's (21/5) Mayday D.N.A HK concert was. D.N.A world tour officially kicked off at HK Coliseum on Wednesday night. Amazing shows (I love the vids!!) though Ashin's voice was kinda off (as usual) on day one

We had great seats for last night, with spectacular full view of the stage. Concert started at 8:30PM and ended just before 12 midnight. Fans were chanting for a second encore for a good 10-15 mins but sadly the band did not return to stage.

I was thrilled when they played 一顆蘋果 and 約翰藍儂 live :D What a surprise, Richie Ren showed up as their guest artiste on last night's show

The funniest bit was when Ashin almost completely forgot the lyrics to 心中無別人 during day one encore LOL He had forgotten entire verse of that song and could only remember some lines to the chorus.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Greetings from HK

I'm in HK now. Arrived early yesterday afternoon. Got through customs at HKIA fairly quickly and was surprised that there was no stringent screening in light of the current H1N1 pandemic.

Weather is warm here but nowhere as hot as KL. Spent the afternoon yesterday at Mongkok.. bought a tee from Giordano designed by No2Good for their new What's T Today? series :)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

D.N.A merchandise

For the past several weeks I've been eagerly awaiting news on the D.N.A merchandise catalogue. When I saw the picture below of Mayday decked out in their D.N.A apparel, I was a little disappointed cos I've never ever liked tees with picture of the band printed on it and can't say I'm too crazy bout the baseball cap either..though I do like that tee that Ashin is wearing. Check out his Stay Real jeans!

like our new D.N.A gear?
check out his flat hair.. I think it's adorable hehe

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Strike Team shutdown

The one thing I'm gonna miss next week when I'm in HK (other than my bed) is my weekly dose of The Shield. I've been following it since Season One and it's the only series that I currently follow almost religiously. And that's a lot cos I don't watch very much TV these days. I probably clock in no more than 2 hours of TV viewing in a week (cos I spend a lot more hours online)

AXN is currently airing the last season of the series, and approaching the end of it. Not wanting to miss next week's episode, I went online in search of the last few episodes so I wouldn't have to miss them. And before I knew it, I watched all 3 remaining episodes of the final season in one sitting.

Brutal, violent and devastating but a good series nevertheless.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Nominations for 20th GMA 2009

Nomination list for this year's Golden Melody Awards are out! I've reproduced the partial nomination list below (only for categories where Mayday have been nominated - highlighted in orange):

Best Song of the Year 最佳年度單曲:
- 甲你攬牢牢《甲你攬牢牢》
- 下一個天亮《郭靜 下一個天亮》
- 100種生活《100種生活》
- 你不是真正的快樂《後青春期的詩》
- 國境之南《海角七號電影原聲帶》
- 稻香《魔杰座》

Best Band 最佳年度樂團獎:
- 自然捲樂團(蔡坤奇(奇哥)、黃陽明、陸伊潔(Riecky)/破捲而出
- 社拾參樂團(林君平、徐德宇、徐德寰、廖偉棠)/馬臉水手的夏天
- 五月天(阿信、怪獸、瑪莎、冠佑、石頭)/後青春期的詩
- 董事長樂團(吳永吉、杜文祥、林大鈞、林俊民)/花光他的錢
- 好客愛吃飯(陳冠宇、小美、蕭詩偉、柯智豪、鍾成達、郭進財)/愛吃飯

Best Lyricist 最佳作詞人獎:
- 巫宇軒/電車內面《甲你攬牢牢》
- 阿信/我心中尚未崩壞的地方《後青春期的詩》
- 阿信/如煙《後青春期的詩》
- 嚴云農/國境之南《海角七號電影原聲帶》
- 周杰倫/稻香《魔杰座》

Mayday have been nominated for Best Band, Best Song and Ashin has been nominated (twice!!) in the Best Lyricist category. The last time Mayday won the GMA Award for Best Band was back in 2004 so I'm hoping to see them pick up Best Band again this year and sweep all the categories they've been nominated for :)

As for Leehom, he has been nominated for Best Arranger and Best Mandarin Male Singer. President Chou has received multiple nominations for this year's GMA - I lost count but it look as though he had been nominated for every major category!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

D.N.A HK tickets up for sale!

Today morning I found myself with additional 4 tickets for D.N.A HK gig on 20 & 21 May 2009. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some friends had to cancel their HK trip altogether.

I have to now put these extra tickets up for re-sale and have enlisted a HK friend's help to resell them, failing which we will find ourselves with extra seats to jump on during those nights LOL

Any takers please drop me a line at my email

***edit: tickets have been snapped up! That was quick..***

Monday, 11 May 2009

D.N.A tour Taiwan update

Several new dates for the D.N.A Taiwan leg of the tour has just been added (marked in green below).

● 2009/05/20、21、22 Hong Kong
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Coliseum

● 2009/05/28 Melbourne, Australia
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Hisense Arena

● 2009/05/29 Sydney, Australia
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Sydney Entertainment Center

● 2009/07/03、04 Shanghai, China
Time: 7:45pm
Venue: Hongkou Football Stadium

● 2009/07/11 Beijing, China
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Capital Indoor Stadium

● 2009/08/08 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Venue: Hanshin Arena

● 2009/08/28、29 Singapore
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: Indoor Stadium

● 2009/09/25、26 Taipei, Taiwan
Venue: Taipei Arena

Sunday, 10 May 2009

No.168 Concert Live now on DVD

Mayday's No. 168 Concert [第168場演唱會] is now available on DVD. This is a bit of a surprise, considering the concert is almost 9 years old. I hadn't realised till I saw news of its release that concert was never released on DVD. I do have it on VCD which came bundled with the concert CD album along with a photobook. I love the CD, this is their earliest live recording which is commercially available. You can feel their level of enthusiasm and energy even back then. Absolutely adore their rendition of 就在今夜 on that CD.

Mayday are more popular than ever now so their record company is digging up old materials to be released hoping new fans will buy them.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pricey donuts

Bought a box of half dozen assorted doughnuts from Krispy Kreme today. Considering that the first Krispy Kreme outlet in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square is only a week old, I was expecting a long queue. Much to my surprise, I queued no longer than 5 mins.

When J.Co Donuts open its first outlet at Pavilion over a year ago, for months the place was perpetually packed. Massive queues became the norm every weekend and I remember when I had to queue 30-40 minutes just to buy a box of J.Co.

At Krispy Kreme, a half dozen of assorted doughnuts cost RM5.30 more than J.Co and Big Apple Donuts. That's pretty costly and if you work it out, the price is about 50% more than their competitor! Why does it cost so much more I wonder? Maybe cos it's the cost of the fully automated machine that produces the doughnuts.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Baby Bee Bad

Mayday's mascot bee is going places.

It made its first appearance during promotion of their last studio album [Poetry Of The Day After/後青春期的詩] as 'BEe Happy'. I rushed to order it as soon as it was available to purchase.

Subsequently the rock version 'BEe Rock' was introduced which the band used during promotion of their concerts. I realised then I like the rock version better and kind of regretted buying the BEe Happy. Sigh.. yet another impulse buy.

And now comes the Baby Bee Bad range specially designed for 7-11. Before anyone asks, the products are only available in Taiwan.. Regardless, I'm going to pass on this one

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Flu alert

Now that Music-Man KL is over and done with, it's time to gear up for D.N.A HK, happening in less than 2 weeks time! (I spend way too much money on travel and concerts XP)

What great timing - with the current swine flu pandemic and HK's first confirmed case of H1N1 last week. Looks like we have to take precaution when we're there and my stash of pig flu mask will come in handy. I hear Mayday will be providing flu masks to the fans.. Weeeee!

There were rumours of the tour being postponed due to the current flu pandemic which turned out to be untrue. Flu or no flu, I'm gonna be there!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Music-Man KL concert

I'm so knackered after a long weekend away from home. I guess I could say I went on a holiday of sort (in town haha) with my friends from Jakarta and Bangkok. I was a tourist in my own city LOL. It was a really enjoyable weekend, so much fun - too bad it ended too soon and if only the weather had been cooler. The freaking hot weather is driving me crazy!

Am ashamed to admit that I went up to the KLCC skybridge for the first time last Saturday XP

My foreign friends were in town to catch Leehom's Music-Man concert at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Saturday night. It's been awhile since my last concert there, which coincidentally was also a Leehom concert on his last world tour in 2007. It shows how rarely I attend concerts in KL.

It was a full house concert. The newspapers reported a total of 25,000 people attended Music-Man KL concert, which is an impressive figure.

Concert was enjoyable but it was marred by overzealous security and poor sound system.

I only managed to snap no more than a handful of photos and videos, partly due to the distance at which we were seated from the stage. Disappointingly, there was a much wider distance from the stage to the seats as compared to the previous concert.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy May Day

It's May Day! (nothing to do with the band.. that was a cheap shot XP)

In the northern hemisphere, May Day marks the beginning of summer. Here 1 May is celebrated as Labour Day holiday. Long weekend ahead - hoorah!