Friday 28 January 2011


Mayday will be working through Chinese New Year, with performances lined up on 12 and 13 February 2011.

On Feb 12th they will be performing at the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival/ 2011 高雄燈會藝術節 「愛.幸福」亮燈演唱會. The next day they will be in Hsinchu with Champion/強辯樂團 at 世博風華新竹再現演場會. Members of the public will be entitled to redeem 2 concert tickets each. For more info click here

Wednesday 26 January 2011

My Mints Mayday iPhone 4 case

My iPhone has new clothes :)

Picked up my My Mints Mayday iPhone cover last weekend in SG. The set which retails at S$29.90 comes with:
- an iPhone case (choice of either iPhone 4 or 3GS)
- an EZ Link card sticker
- a box of Mayday My Mints
- a metal case to house all of the above

It looks all good and I now keep my iPhone face down. Unlike the 3GS case, the iPhone 4 case is made of a softer, rubber like material, much to my liking. It doesn't leave as much prints (cos the surface isn't glossy) and it provides a more comfortable grip. It's also cushy enough to absorb shock, if the phone should drop.

My only complaint is.. the corners of the front of the case started to peel off. Looks rather unsightly =[

Monday 24 January 2011

20110122 Rock 30 快樂天堂 滾石三十新加坡演唱會

My first concert of 2011. Rock 30 [快樂天堂] 滾石三十新加坡演唱會.

To be honest I don't know a whole lot of the artists that performed at the concert - I didn't grow up listening to them. I do know Emil Chau , Wu Bai and the younger stars - Zhang Zhen Yue (A-Yue), Alex Toh, Alien Huang, MC Hot Dog, Shunza. That's about it.

The almost 4 hour long concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium started at about 8+ PM. Earlier in the day Rock Records had anounced that the concert will start on time as there are many performing artists.

Kicking off was the combo of Wu Bai & China Blue, A-Yue & Free 9 and Mayday sharing the stage, with their respective frontman singing classic tunes 凡人歌, 夢醒時分, 戀曲1980, 鹿港小鎮.


The concert continued with performances by A-Yue, Alex Toh, Alien Huang. Midway through the concert I nearly dozed off, not knowing who the performing artists were...

Mayday finally appeared onstage about 10:30PM. They sang 4 songs: 憨人, 人生海海, 知足 and 溫柔. It was so good to see them again live.

Wu Bai & China Blue took the stage after Mayday and the concert ended with the performing artists (minus the ones who performed earlier) onstage singing 快樂天堂

20110123 五月天 @ 和碩尾牙

Mayday had to rush back to Taipei after Rock 30 concert in Singapore to perform at 和碩尾牙

7.LOVE ((好啦~ 是戀愛ING))

Sunday 23 January 2011

Rock 30 SG encounter

What a weekend!

Not only did I attend Rock 30 快樂天堂 滾石三十新加坡演唱會, I got to see Mayday 5 times in the span of 10 hours =D

It started with the concert at 8:00PM (which I will post in a separate entry), then catching Mayday returning to the hotel about 12ish AM. We retreated to our room after Mayday then decided to head down to the lounge for a drink. Lo and behold, on our way down we got into the same lift as Emil Chau!! (why not Mayday XD) He musta seen the O.O look on our faces haha. He started talking to us, asking about the concert etc. He then got off at the ballroom level. So they were having the post concert celebration dinner in the ballroom!

From where we were sat in the lounge we could see each and every artist who were headed to the ballroom cos they had to walk past our table. The rest of Mayday (minus Monster and Ashin) went in about 10 minutes after Emil. Monster went in several minutes later. Ashin didn't come down for the dinner. Emil left about 2ish and on his way down (he was headed out) he stopped to ask why haven't we gone to sleep yet haha

Apart from the other artists, Guan You was the first to leave the dinner, followed by Masa. The last to leave at 3AM were Stone, Monster, Joe and the rest of the rowdy bunch. OMG they were so noisy with their drunken stupor yelling. LMAO!!! Monster, Stone and Joe then went off (presumably for their own private drinking session). Again Monster was yelling. This time I could hear only his voice hahahahhaha I had to contain my laughter.

Later in the morning, we saw the band leaving to catch their early morning flight back to Taipei. I approached Monster cos I had to deliver Jessie's CNY card to him. I've approached Monster several times (somehow I always seem to be 'bumping' into him)and each time I approach him, I'm always greeted by his smile. And when you call him, he'd stop to wait for you to approach him =D He's such a sweetie

He look REALLY BAD upclose. Was this the same Monster I saw onstage the night before? LOL!! His face was flushed - very dull red and his hair was in a mess. He wasn't walking properly as he still had a slight limp from his fractured toe injury.. and appeared to be a little disorientated/dazed from all the alcohol. And he was still in the same clothes from the night before. What a sight. But despite all that, he still look sooooo cute hehe XDD I think he couldn't really see me cos he waved at me... when I was right in front of him! o.O

Sunday 16 January 2011

20110116 五月天 @ 第六屆KKBOX風雲榜

五月天 performing 突然好想你 and 離開地球表面 at tonight's 第六屆KKBOX風雲榜

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Mr J at Hollywood premiere of the Green Hornet

I'm not a Jay Chou fan but I am looking forward to watching his Hollywood film debut in the upcoming Green Hornet movie.. just because I want to watch him speaking bad 'Engrish' LOL.

Mr J was in Hollywood two days ago to attend the movie premiere and after watching the interview below, I am amazed at his present level of English. For a guy who doesn't speak English - like most Taiwanese - he actually speaks it fairly well now.

The two interviewers were taken aback when Jay told them he owned the Batmobile and was gonna buy the Black Beauty, the Green Hornet car.


After seeing my friends' numerous iPhone lomo shots I've decided to dabble in lomography and my first test subject is my pair of Nike Deuce shoes XD

Tuesday 11 January 2011

2011 Kaohsiung Lantern festival concert

Mayday will be performing at the 2011高雄燈會藝術節Kaohsiung Lantern Festival concert titled「愛.幸福」亮燈演唱會

Date: 12 February 2011
Time: 7:00 to 10:30PM
Performers: 電音三太子、嚴爵、magic power、強辯樂團、旺福、五月天壓軸演出

20110108 五月天 @ 富邦尾牙 [照片]

Some photos from the Fubon event performance last Saturday taken by Hughes Chen. For more photos surf on to his Flickr album

Sunday 9 January 2011

20110108 五月天 @ 富邦尾牙

Taiwan financial holding firm Fubon Financial had their biggest scale annual dinner on Saturday January 8th with a record of 1400 tables. Not gonna go into details of how much their stock made last year and their 6-8 months average bonus. On top of the nice fat bonus, their annual dinner included performance by Fish Leung and a one hour set by Mayday.

1. DNA
2. 孫悟空
3. 突然好想你
4. 知足
5. 離開地球表面
6. 軋車+團員Solo
7. 戀愛ING
8. 憨人
9. 志明與春嬌
10. 聽不到

Friday 7 January 2011

2011高雄燈會藝術節 五月天樂團赴北京宣傳

The band (minus Monster) were in Beijing to attend the press conference as ambassador for the 2011 Kaohsiung Lantern festival, aimed at attracting mainlanders to attend the festival.

As ambassador, Mayday will also be singing the theme song for the festival.

The festival which is held annually attracted some 8.3 million visitors, generated NT$5.8 billion in revenue last year. This year's theme is Love Happiness [愛·幸福] and the Lantern Festival will run from Feb 12th till the 28th in Kaohsiung, a total of 17 days.

Mayday invites everyone to "歡迎大家來到高雄過最熱鬧的元宵節、吃全台灣最新鮮的海鮮,也願到台灣旅行的情侶來高雄愛河邊過最浪漫的情人節。"

Monday 3 January 2011

五月天 @ 2011花蓮精彩100元旦晚會

Mayday kicked off their first performance of 2011 at the Hualien New Year concert「2011花蓮精彩100元旦晚會」

1. DNA
2. 孫悟空
3. 你是唯一
4. 你不是真正的快樂
5. 突然好想你
6. 最重要的小事
7. 天使
8. 噢買尬
9. 笑忘歌
14.溫柔 (還你自由版)

More photos here

Sunday 2 January 2011

Mayday in HK, May 2011

They made a promise that they'd hold concert in Hong Kong every year in May and it looks like they're holding on to their promise this year.

I can't wait =]

Cats & Guys

What is it with guys and their felines?

I'm seeing a lot of cat photos posted by their celebrity master on Twitter and Weibo... These guys can't seem to get enough of their furry friends

Monster's sleepy cat resting on his injured leg

Monster's cat collection

Qingfeng and his obese cat

whoa that baby is huge.. twice the size of his leg!

JJ's jiji.. the couple who have their master-pet roles reversed LOL

ssshh.. don't wake papa up

can you spot the real Jiji?

Junsu with Tigger (his fav out of the 6 cats he owns)

papa needs a face scratch

part of the rest of the clan.. so many beauties.
According to him, his 6 cats are his companions to help him overcome his loneliness

Saturday 1 January 2011

Kenji Wu - then and now

Kenji Wu Ke Qun [吳克羣] made front page e-news in Taiwan today after he performed topless at the countdown concert. He was the first performer at the Taipei countdown. As he was about to start singing 沒關係 he took of his jacket and had a wifebeater on. By the end of the song he tore off his wifebeater and was singing topless in the cold.

On my last trip to Taipei in November I saw him performing at the flora expo concert (minus the exposed chest). How he has changed over the years. He was even voted the top most changed celeb in a Taiwan TV program.

Kenji at the Flora Expo concert, 2010

The first time I saw him in person was back in 2005 when he was here for a promotional tour of his third album 大頑家. I've never seen such a small crowd at a signing session. I was given VIP pass cos the organizer couldn't find enough fans to fill up the area haha. And signing took less than 10 minutes cos there were so few people o_O

Kenji at KL album promo, 2005

singing self titled song 吳克羣 at KL album promo, 2005

五月天 @ 2011台北最HIGH新年城 跨年晚會

Mayday's last performance of 2010, for which they picked up a NT$2,500,000 pay cheque

looks like he busted out of his 2010 clothes

1. DNA
3. 突然好想你
4. 志明與春嬌 (ft.侯佩岑)
5. 離開地球表面
6. 最重要的小事
7. 天使
8. 倔強
9. 人生海海

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3


Happy New Year 2011 everyone!