Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Thaipusam break

Finally Thaipusam has been announced a holiday in KL. woohoooo!I found out about it on Monday morning.. what a pleasant surprise. It's yet another hectic week at work so I really needed a day off in between. Am gonna be swamped with work and deadlines till CNY. Sigh.

Mom surprised us when she cooked snails for dinner.. ewwwww *throws up* I had a whiff at the plate of disgusting and foul smelling snails and almost lost my appetite. The last time I had snails was when I was on a trip in Taiwan 2 years ago and the Tourism Board had organised a dinner.. it was one of those lavish 8-course meal. I remember when one of the dish had arrived, I started feasting till someone on the table said 'oh wo niu'.... then I almost threw up LOL

can of snails..

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