Monday, 6 October 2008

20081005 Superband Mayday

After a long crazy week in Singapore, I'm finally home!

Celebrated my birthday yesterday at Mediacorp studio watching Mayday =] which was televised live on national TV in Singapore.

Tickets for Superband 2008 Grand Finals were hard to come by and I went through a lot of trouble to secure them - I got them courtesy of the Tuzi family. Much thanks to them and congratulations for winning the Superband Finals!

The studio was smaller than I had expected and cos we were there early, we managed to secure a nice spot at the side of the stage - front row baby on national TV! I spent the entire night trying to avoid the camera but I guess I let my guard down when Mayday came on.. since last night my friends have been texting me saying they saw me on TV!

Mediacorp studio were Superband was recorded (i see a few familiar faces in that pic)
Superband stage
The Grand Finals had the final 4 bands taking turns to perform and elimination was through SMS voting. Guest performers for the night were Mi Lu Bing (former Superband winner), 2 other Singaporean bands whose names escapes me now, Jonathan Lee, Beyond and Mayday. And because Mayday are the Superband ambassador, naturally we had to wait till the end of the show to see them.

It was the closest I've ever seen Mayday performing live - I was on the left side of the stage and Monster was less than 3 feet from where I stood! They started setting up their gear during the commercial break (Ooo it was all too exciting) They played 孫悟空 and 離開地球表面 then hung around onstage for quite a bit (I got to take many piccies hehe!!)

Ashin's not-so-sexy back.. the guy has flatfeet.. looks like he also has a flat butt
look at that cute dimple!
and the winner of the Superband Funniest Face contest is...
err who is Ryan staring at??!
Beyond vs Mayday in the cutest frontman contest LOL
That dude from Beyond is wearing a super campy shirt that shows off his tits!!
I got a few videos recorded as well here. Sadly Ashin's vocals is barely audible in some of the vids cos there was an overzealous singing fan beside me


Jessie's said...

there is a tv below us but i still think ryan staring at fan..:D

Anonymous said...


Tuzi very nice performce yeh they are cute!!!

no wonder i tot lots ppl wear stay real in tuzi and dafenchui fanclub!


black and white EXAM OVERs

Unknown said...

I was one of them LOL

ツリちゃん☆ said...

Is it just me or does the Beyond frontman look like an asian version of Mark?(always thought so... hmmm~)

Unknown said...

hmmmm.. don't quite see the resemblance.. but.. is there an Asian version of Tim??! hehe!!

ツリちゃん☆ said...

Hmmm, not that I know of, but it'll be difficult... cause Tim has such pretty eyes~ X)

Unknown said...
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