Tuesday, 16 November 2010

2010 Taipei International Flora Expo

Tik and I went to the 2010 臺北國際花卉博覽會/Taipei Flora Expo on the opening day, Saturday November 6th. The Flora Expo is spread out across 4 areas - Yuanshan, Fine Arts, Xinsheng and Dajia Riverside. The sheer size of the combined ground area is overwhelming!

ticket booths

ticket prices

my ticket

The Taiwanese government had spent a lot of time money and effort on the Expo and they've managed to keep the ticket price at a very reasonable price of NT$300 for general public.

Flora Expo mascots (3 of 6)

more Flora Expo mascots (2 of 6)

the last Flora Expo mascot .. my favourite one :)

Our first stop was Yuanshan. About 2 years ago I was there at the exact same spot to attend the 十萬人出頭天 concert. Where the Zhongshan Football Stadium used to stand is now a covered structure for the Flora Expo. I wonder if they'll restore that stadium after the Expo ends next April...

part of the Flora Expo

We quickly covered all areas as quick as we can. Unfortunately it was a wet rainy day which was a hassle being outdoor and most of the Expo's ground area are outdoor

We made a visit to the Celebrity House which is a tribute to the late Teresa Teng. Right at the end of the Celebrity House tour we saw the below:

Mayday :)

Mr. J

We then head over to the Fine Arts and Xinsheng, covering as much ground as we could. In between we stopped for a quick snack. There are many designated food areas if one should get hungry. Food are aplenty to choose from.

this was taken at Xinsheng

Finally we made our way to the Dajie Riverside. We took a shuttle bus to get there. There are complimentary shuttle bus to shuttle visitors to different areas of the Expo.

When we got to the Riverside, there was a huge tent and I could hear music blaring from inside.. it took me awhile to figure out that it was 強辯樂團/Champion playing 轉轉轉運歌! LOL. We went closer and saw 丁噹/Ding Dang and Champion on the list for the 2:00PM slot. Went inside grabbed a seat in the fifth row and caught the remaining of Champion’s performance. Ding Dang then appeared onstage after Champion, and sang a Flora Expo version of 私奔到月球 with 黃牛 before singing her own solo songs. After watching Ding Dang’s performance, we went outside to watch the 3:00PM parade.

Ding Dang, Yellow Cow and Monkey XD

Later that night we went to 大稻埕碼頭/Da Dao Cheng Wharf to watch the Flora Expo fireworks performance. There were 2 fireworks display at 2 different place (Da Jie Wharf and Da Dao Cheng Wharf) that night with only half an hour apart. We decided to head to Da Dao Cheng Wharf as there was a free Flora Expo concert. It was still raining that night and the area was so crowded. Taiwanese must really enjoy watching fireworks as many of them had already gathered in full raingear hours before the fireworks display was due to start.

We went to the stage area and caught part of the concert. Among the more well known artists, we saw 李玖哲/Nicky Lee (oh yeah!) and 吳克群/Kenji Wu. In between the concert we saw a full one hour fireworks display!!!! I have never ever in my life watched such a long fireworks display. You can imagine how polluted the airspace in Taipei was that night after the fireworks XD

Nicky Lee

Kenji Wu

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