Tuesday, 6 December 2011

20111205 三商美邦廣告上市記者會

時間地點: 2011/12/5(一) 2:00pm 台北信義香堤廣場

It was a very wet Monday morning in Taipei. The time was almost 11 in the morning and there were already some fans at the venue, queueing in the front row. We took our spot in the second row.

The rain continued to pour relentlessly. By the time the media had arrived and chased us off the sheltered area right in front of the stage, the crowd had only grew by a little. Four to five rows at most. I did not expect such a small crowd (well it was a weekday, during work/school hour)

The band took to the stage just after 2:00PM. Brief introduction then proceeded to draw/write/sign on the giant Christmas card which was then presented to the Mercuries Mutual Life boss.

This was then followed by the main event - the release of the new 三商美邦人壽 CF - and thereafter, interview by the media. It was a rather brief press conference, event wrapped up by 2:45PM

Ashin working on his Christmas card

Stone explaining his Christmas card design
with the bosses
pose # 1
pose # 2
pose # 3

*all photos and videos by bloodbubble 2011

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