Wednesday, 27 June 2012

20120627 天下雜誌 施振榮x 五月天阿信 跨世代論壇直播

There was already a long line outside the venue by the time I arrived in the morning. Wasn't expecting such a long line because it was a weekday - don't you people have school or work to attend??! 

It was a hot summer day and the morning sun heat was just warming up. Thankfully after waiting in line for 5 minutes, a crew came over and told us we could all move inside the venue's lobby. No more waiting under the blazing sun. Hooray!

The lobby was huge. It was spacious and was large enough to accommodate several hundred people. The kind folks also offered us complimentary beverages. They then came around to check our registration confirmation printout before letting us into the conference hall.

Having attended Ashin's previous talk/discussion forum, I have to say I really enjoy watching him onstage in a different hat as a speaker. Always a joy to watch him onstage =D

The event was broadcasted live on the internet and delayed broadcasted on TV a few weeks after.

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Anonymous said...

did ashin say he bought cn blue's album? Wow ...