Monday, 16 July 2012

20120715 貢寮海洋音樂祭 13th Hohaiyan Rock Festival

I've read quite a bit about the annual summer Hohaiyan Gongliao Rock Festival 國際海洋音樂祭 held in Fulong beach and had been looking forward to watch Mayday's performance at this much talked about music festival. 

I'm no stranger to Fulong, having visited here on several occasion, though nothing had braced me for the sea of people on festival day. I've never seen Fulong this crowded.

Fulong is a little over an hour train ride from Taipei and during the festival, additional trains were added to ferry the hundreds of thousands of festival & beach goers. Despite the additional trains, all platforms and trains were packed like sardines !

massive crowd in front of the train station
Many turned up early to the beach - despite the scorching summer heat, thankfully Fulong's temperature was slightly cooler than Taipei. 

view of the main stage area from the Fulong bridge
a closer view
there were hundreds of food and drink stalls/watering holes 
main stage area
sit back, relax and enjoy the free music !\
歌單 (五月天部分)::
1. 2012
2. 三個傻瓜
3. 離開地球表面
4. 擁抱
5. 倉頡
6. 乾杯
7. 倔強
8. 人生海海

9. 突然好想你
10. 尬車
11. 憨人

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