Monday 20 August 2012

公佈!!! Audi X 五月天諾亞方舟航空母艦版【票價&華航行程】 .

Details for the yearend Kaohsiung concert was announced today. For further details click here


Anonymous said...

Hello there!

Do you know by when do we need to collect the concert tickets after we book from iBon? I'm from Singapore and will only arrive in Taipei on 15 dec. Will it be too late to collect the tickets by then?

Thank you for your help!

Unknown said...

hi there

i've never bought ticket online via ibon, only at the actual ibon in 7-11. I suppose you can collect your ticket at 7-11's ibon if you buy it online. You should be able to collect your ticket anytime before the concert. it's printed on the spot at 7-11

jhjwwyzy said...

Hello there.

Do you know of any ways to get the tickets for the year end concert. Will really appreciate your help.