Tuesday, 19 February 2013

03/14-與五月天Google+ Hangout

想與喜愛的中、日、韓流行巨星面對面視訊問問題嗎?! 2/25 前加入 Google+ 並利用 ”#” 訊息分享功能在專頁上提出你的問題,就有機會與喜愛的亞洲巨星視訊聊天!

3/14       Mayday (五月天)  #apopmayday

Top artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan chat with fans from all over the world. Join Google+ and ask questions to your favorite artists. Lucky fans get to talk to the artists face to face over video chat. Question submission deadline is 2/25. 

3/14       Mayday  #apopmayday


記得加上這次的關鍵字  #apopmayday  


想好題目了沒???  GO!!!!!!

Now, we are gathering any messages, questions and comments to +五月天 MAYDAY official+ !!

The Deadline to submit your question is February 25.

[ how to participate ]

1: Register Google+ https://plus.google.com/
2: Follow “ C-Pop on Google+” http://www.google.com/+CPop
3: Post your message, question or comment to your own Google+ with hashtag#apopmayday  as a public post.  

If you are selected by the lottery to participate in Google+ Hangout, you will be contacted through Google+, so please be sure to follow "C-Pop on Google+" page! 

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