Thursday 6 June 2013

6/10香港行銷亞太城市高峰會 7/10海洋音樂祭 9/10APCS高雄之夜熱情開唱

高市府與五月天攜手 6/10香港行銷亞太城市高峰會 9/10APCS高雄之夜熱情開唱

Mayday will be in Hong Kong to attend 「潮玩高雄 想點玩就點玩」記者會* to promote Kaohsiung on 10th June and will be performing at Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) 高雄之夜 in Kaohsiung on 10th September.

On 10th July they will be performing at the 2013 Hohaiyan Rock Festival 海洋音樂祭

*「潮玩高雄 想點玩就點玩」記者會
地點:香港寧酒店27樓寧宴會廳 I-VI 時間:06/10 15:00〜16:00

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