Wednesday, 2 April 2014

20140321 五月天 諾亞方舟 紐約場 Mayday Now-Here in Madison Square Garden, New York City

It's been ages since I last post a concert entry (which reminds me the Seoul Nowhere concert post is still pending...) 

When Mayday held their first east coast USA concert, they played at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, about 2 hours drive from NYC. Concerts have become a primary part of business for casino resorts in the US and most Asian artists touring the US end up performing at casino resorts. To be honest I've never liked casino gigs in those second-rate venues, though being able to watch 2 concerts within a 12 hour span is pretty awesome.

Last year Mayday played at Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, another popular casino resort on the east coast. This year they've stepped up to Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena in the heart of New York City. A proud moment of achievement for them and I had to be there to witness this historic moment in their career. 

Madison Square Garden exterior
So after a halfway-round-the-world flight, I found myself back in the Big Apple (yet) again. It's so good to be back, NYC is such a vibrant city, there is so much to see and do and you'll never be bored. 

The world famous Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Knicks and New York Rangers is located in midtown Manhattan, right atop Penn Station, a couple of blocks away from Times Square. Security is tight at the venue, and everyone is subjected to thorough bag and body check at the entrance, even on non-event days at the venue. 

concert merchandise for sale 
The venue itself is impressive. You can pick up dinner inside and bring them into the concert. There are several levels and on each level there are concessions selling everything from hotdogs and pizzas to beers.

woot! view from the first row 

almost full house inside the arena
The concert started at 8:15pm ended at 10:45pm. It was way too short. Nevertheless, it was another awesome show. You could see how they were so overwhelmed with emotion. When Ashin was talking about Taiwan's future during the last song, I could hear Stone sobbing from where I was standing down in the front :(.. This is one Mayday concert to remember.

What made the concert even more memorable, I got my concert ticket signed by Mayday! Well, all except Monster :( A big thank you to Ashin for remembering and being so nice^^

signed! Thank you ashin, stone, masa, gy ^^
I was also pretty lucky to have bumped into Stone in NYC! He's such a nice guy, he waited patiently whilst we took turns to take photos with him. The lighting was so dim we took multiple shots and he was very obliging. haha
me and Stone 
And lastly, a big thank you to my friend who got me a stash of Mayday nowhere USA tour posters and DMs. Wish I could figure out a way to share them.. Anybody wants to trade for them? ;)
concert posters and flyers


Anonymous said...

i want!! But i don't know if I have anything to trade :/ Super envious that you got to witness such a historical concert!

Anonymous said...

You can share with fellow fans for free since U have so many !!
How did U always manage to get tickets to all their awesome shows .. front row some more ?! Super envious !;)

Unknown said...

i don't mind sharing but i don't want to go through the hassle of mailing them XD

Unknown said...

hi stayinblue thanks! where do you live? i won't be mailing them but if we meet up at a mayday concert i can pass to you ;)

Unknown said...

me! not sure u interest in which concert poster or SR gifts...
can we keep in touch through g+?

Unknown said...


dabdi said...

Wow, you are really lucky! (Or is that not only a question of luck?)
Stone is adorable! :-)

Unknown said...

hi dabdi, luck counts too! lol