Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ichiban Ash

If the Bangkok Rock Festival is anything like the Fuji Rock Festival, things are gonna get really crazy on 30 November. Tsu Ning sent me the link to her video of Ash playing at last year's Fuji Rock Festival and it looks amazingly FUN!! Just take a look of the sea of rock fans (Ash have always been big in Japan, even in their early days)

And oh, did I mention that Tim look absolutely dreamy in the video? And he really does rock guitars like a dream!!

Tim O'Dreamy and the Ash boys rocking the land of the rising sun

omigosh look at that big smile on Tim's face after listening to the Japanese fans sing Burn Baby Burn - sweeeeeet!!

And here's Travis at this year's Fuji Rock Festival - haha it was raining when they played "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" Check out all the fans in raincoats jumping!!


スリケン☆pg said...

The vid was great, wasn't it?

'Tim O'Dreamy'... nice~ :p

bloodbubble said...

That vid is totally awesome!!

Thanks for sharing and I'll be waiting for the upload hehe. You know that vid got me all psyched up for Bangkok fest :D I hope the crown in Bangkok is as "psycho" as the Japanese crowd.