Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Penny For Your Thoughts

Come 30 November at Bangkok 100 Rock festival, Penny Century will be rocking the main stage before Ash. "Penny who?" I hear you say? Apparently they're a band from Sweden. Never heard of 'em and I hope they don't sound like ABBA haha!!
brr.. it's cold in Sweden
So I google'd them up and well, didn't find very much (not in English anyway :P) other than the above publicity band picture that I nicked from the band's blog (once again, in Swedish) I'm not particularly familiar with Swedish indie/rock, save for The Cardigans.. and only cos "Lovefool" was such a big hit when it was released.

Getting to the front for Ash means I'll have to wriggle my way to the front and 'sit' through Penny Century's performance ;0)


chris said...

never heard of them, the chick is cute though :p too bad i'll be rushing for a project at work, have to miss Ash again.

bloodbubble said...

what a shame! i'll let u know if penny century are any good lol