Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Perfect Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth

Edgey-boy now has his own spin-off DS game from the Ace Attorney series
There's nothing I like to do better on a rainy night than to cuddle up in bed with the DS in the dark. Which was exactly what I got up to late last night and ended up regretting it this morning when I woke up feeling like a carwreck!

I'm now into the last episode of the final Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series, and was pleasantly surprised when Miles Edgeworth made a come back in the last episode and took over the defense attorney role from Phoenix. I didn't realise till then that Miles speaks with an old English accent! It's a nice accent but why couldn't the game producers have given him a sexier Northern Irish accent like Tim's? LOL

On the newsfront (I blogged about it back in April), the new "Perfect Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth" game is still in the works. I've been told a demo was previewed at the recent Tokyo Game Show. I'll be waiting in anticipation for its release.

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