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20091205 五月天[創造55555人]高雄世運主場館演唱會

五月天[創造55555人]高雄世運主場館演唱會 marked my 10th D.N.A concert @_@

I broke my own record - that's the most concerts I've watched in a single world tour. Haha. And the best part is, the D.N.A tour will roll into 2010. So let's see where it'll take me next.. California here I come!

fans Q-ing up to get number for the free standing zone

We got to the stadium early that fine Saturday morning and got to watch the setting up of the merchandise and Stay Real booths. There was already a Q for the merchandise. Everyone was Q-ing up for the limited edition D.N.A figurine set. We were 3rd in the Q, behind some Japanese and HK fans. By late morning it was so sunny that we all got to sunbathe in Kaohsiung's hot winter afternoon.

Stay Real booth being set upIt takes so many of them to put up that hanging banner

merchandise booth not open for business yet
map of the stadium entrance
The World Games Stadium [世運主場館] is massive! We took a walk around the stadium (to take a peep backstage) and it took almost half hour to go one round (cos we stopped to take photos)

there were many signages everywhere and yet we got lost trying to hunt for our entrance
backstage view of the main stage. Can you spot the taxi hanging in the middle?
What made the concert special was that it was 阿信's birthday (since they sang all the way past midnight) and the first time such a large scale concert was held at the World Games Stadium.

Kaohsiung 55555's sea of blue
After Masa's 擁抱 solo, he started to sing 生日快樂 [Happy Birthday] to Ashin (it was only 11:30pm..!!) At midnight again the fans sang Happy Birthday. haha. Too many birthday songs that night for the birthday boy.
阿信 was very amused that the thank you list is so long

Masa started his opening speech speaking entirely in Taiwanese. It was really good to hear them sing so many Taiwanese songs. Their Taiwanese songs are the reason why I love them so much =D When Ashin said he was going to sing a "2005 song that they rarely sing live" and announced the next song is 麥來亂, I was over the moon!!!!! Omigosh I love that song to bits!! :)))))

more birthday boy funny moment

They sang a lot of old songs that they hardly ever sing - 好不好 and 有你的將來. 借問眾神明 and OK 啦 are my favourite as well. Ashin sang the latter complete with the OK'La dance - it was soooo cute! Hope it makes it on the DVD.

you can tell he's singing OK OK OK OK'La !
The concert which started at 8PM ended at 12:30AM. When I read that the MRT service would be extended to 2AM, I thought they'd sing till at least past 1AM. Little did I know it takes hours for the trains to send 50 odd thousand fans home. We left the stadium promptly after it had finished and we were stuck in the massive human traffic at the MRT station. By the time we got back to the hotel it was nearly 2am!
* concert photos credit to the dude who took them

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