Tuesday, 8 December 2009

a round Mayday Monopoly anyone?

Back from my KL-Taipei-Kaohsiung-Taipei-KL trip :)

Before I get into the 55555 concert (which by the way was great), I wanna do a quick post on the Mayday figurine set because it's so AWESOME! This is the set that's limited to only 2,000. A big thank you to Jen and Doris for Q-ing up at 7am. We were 3rd in the Q haha

I had no idea till we saw the sample set at the merchandise booth how big the box is. It's HUGE! And I didn't know until I bought them how heavy they weighed. It's friggin' heavy - weighs almost 4kg. The MRT station was some distance from the stadium (there were no cabs >.<) so by the time I walked to the station lugging them, my arms almost fell off LMAO!

Once I had a look at the contents of the box, I was in awe. This is the coolest and most awesomeness merchandise I've ever seen. Very very impressive! It's a custom made Mayday monopoly board game.

And check out the figurines - they look soooo adorably cute!!!! There were two versions - all black or the colour one (as pictured above)

They are really well made - they look sooo good! I cant wait to find room to display them in my shelf :D

Mayday monopoly! now how COOL is that??


Anonymous said...

How much is it?

Unknown said...

NT2,999 - it comes with the Expo tee

sunset2712 said...

Hey, it's very NICE!! And the price's not so expensive too..

Unknown said...

Do you know where I can purchase it if I am in Singapore???

Unknown said...

try this site: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/drumlet/10914845