Monday, 18 January 2010

Mayday encore DNA concert in SG 17Apr 2010

This is really unexpected.

The first news I got this morning when I turned on my comp was Mayday's Singapore concert on 17 April in Padang. 17 April? That's the weekend after the LA and San Jose DNA concerts @.@ I am gonna be so jetlagged when I get back.. but I guess so are the guys.

Why is it called Encore DNA concert when they had already played encore DNA last year at the Indoor Stadium? Remember the additional night that was added?

For more details or pre-booking click here

Word has it that there will be 4 concerts in Hong Kong in May and the D.N.A tour will conclude in June. So Taipei encore concerts in June?

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Anonymous said...

saw ur blog abt NDA Encore..
i try to pre-order the tickets..
but no reply from them yet..

Juz wondering if you got any reply from them.. Thanks