Sunday, 13 June 2010

20100612 Mayday X My Mints product launch press conference

press conference pass
What a weekend. Another fun filled Mayday weekend :) I won a pair of pass to attend the Mayday My Mints product launch press conference at 1PM on Saturday and had to catch the early morning flight down. For convenience my mates and I checked into Marina Mandarin Hotel where the press conference was held, and also where the band were staying.

Upon registration for the press conference, we were given 2 complimentary packs of My Mints in both cool mint and peach flavour. More mints... I already have so many of them at home o.O

free Mayday My Mints for attendees of the press conference
At about a quarter to 1 we were ushered into the ballroom. The ushers took a long time to sort out our seating...

The press conference started at about half pass 1PM with the screening of a commercial that featured a new promotion - a Mayday 8 inch plush toy for $19.80 with every purchase of 2 box of mints. We were informed by Chastal that the plush toys are limited edition and that they would destroy the mould after production of the plush so no identical plush could be reproduced.

Mayday plush coming your way in August
During the press conference the band were asked what mint flavour they'd like. While the rest had suggested various fruit flavour, Monster suggested abalone flavour LOL. They band were also asked about their sweetest moments and Stone spoke of how his child would say to him upon his return home - daddy i am so happy that you are home to play with me. Awwww..

The band were also asked about their upcoming 3D movie project and the press conference ended with the attendees taking group photos with Mayday onstage. Sweet =)

Ashin stacked up all the My Mints

*all photos by bloodbubble 2010

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sunset2712 said...

Whoa, I have not been keeping up with ur blog for about a week only, and there are so many posts already! Interestingggggggg.... LOL

and Mons hv a very good sense of humour too huh, abalone flavour... a bit yucks for mint lor! hahahha