Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Mints Mayday collectibles update

Further to my last post on the My Mints Mayday iPhone collectibles, here are the latest update from Chastal - thanks to Jen:

Chastal has yet to make an official announcement on the cancellation of the plushies/replacement of the iPhone cover set as they are still avaiting the arrival of the iPhone cover (to avoid any further screw-up haha)

The good news for iPhone users is that the iPhone cover will be available for both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Please note that:

- all the iPhone cover comes in only black colour
- all 5 designs are available for iPhone 3GS cover
- only Ashin, Monster and Masa designs are available for iPhone 4 cover
- the iPhone cover comes with a tin box (in either black or pink), a box of My Mint Mayday and EZ Link sticker
- price is $29.90 (if you have previously ordered the plush set you will need to top-up the difference)


Anonymous said...

So this still isnt available, am I right?

Unknown said...

Yep it's not available yet

Anonymous said...

Thanks bloodbubble. Hope they release it soon.

♥ Kerynn Lee said...

OMG thanks for this extra info!
Still need to top up. :/
Thanks for visiting my blog too. :D