Wednesday, 25 May 2011

20110520-22 Now today. We Just Rock It!! 「就是」Just Rock It 香港演唱會

4 nights of「就是」Just Rock It 演唱會 went by too fast. It was much enjoyable. A back to basics concert which featured little stage effects. By the way, the fire on stage during 春天的吶喊 was scary!

As usual, the setlist varied every night - which makes it so much fun to watch Mayday's concerts. My favourite were the second (21/5) and third (22/5) night. Good to see Ashin trying to use speak some English words (and gibberish Japanese) during concert - his inability to say Just 'Rock' it properly is too funny XDD

I particularly like the Unplugged segment. 為什麼 never sounded better live. On the last two nights they performed 歡樂年華 and it was too cute! Ashin sang like a little kid ;)

There was also a segment which they performed songs that they (members of the band) had composed for other artists. I was overjoyed when they performed 第一天! The last I heard them performing 第一天 live was at the Final Home concert years ago. It was so good to hear them sing that song live again :) Another gem was Mayday's version of 愛是對的 which was composed by Masa. Now I've not heard the original version but the live Mayday version ROCKED :) Monster's composition 夢交響 for Ding Dang was also performed.

Each night featured a different solo from each of the band member. Stone sang John Lennon's Imagine on the first night - a very beautiful rendition, followed by Guan You's 超人 on the second night, Monster's 麥來亂 on the third night (my favourite !!) and Masa's 天天想你+最重要的小事 on the last night.

Ashin + guitar = ♥

All in all, it was a blast. Mayday never ever fail to deliver great performance. Don't need no fancy stage gimmicks - just 5 talented guys doing what they do best - playing great music :)

*all photos and videos by bloodbubble 2011

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Massa plays the cello???