Thursday 17 January 2013

阿信&怪獸 @ 馬來西亞歌迷見面會] 01/14/2013

For the first time in Malaysia, Mayday's concert has sold out and they are staging a second night concert. And I think this must be a first for the Nowhere world tour that a concert organiser/promoter has arranged for a fan meeting (to thank the fans in Malaysia for their support). It was a rather late announcement and due to the other band members' prior commitment, only Monster and Ashin were able to attend.

The event was held at Paradigm Mall and I arrived KL that very afternoon. Because it was a weekday afternoon, there weren't many fans in the waiting line. Needless to say, it was a rather boring fanmeet, with very little interaction between the band members and the crowd. Brief talking session, group photo session and that was it. 

I managed to video them leaving the venue:

Video below from the concert promoter:

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