Tuesday 8 January 2013

20130105 Shock The World Tour 2013 Live in Taipei

I wanna thank G-Shock for the free passes to last Saturday's Shock The World Live Tour 2013 in Taipei which was held at ATT4FUN SHOWBOX. It was my first time at SHOWBOX. The venue is small, and I love the intimate setting :) What a difference it was from Kaohsiung Arena the weekend before.

The event kicked off with various dance and extreme sports performance before the bands took over the stage. Matzka樂團 was the opening band, followed by 旺福Wonfu, 宇宙人Cosmos People and 五月天Mayday.

Mayday's performance was far too short - they sang only four songs: OAOA, 離開地球表面, 我不願讓你一個人, 倔強 . Complimentary G-Shock watches were given away to 5 lucky winners

*all photos by bloodbubble 2013

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