Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Another Singapore trip?

My memory must be getting really bad.. (getting old!) cos I left my pile of new year clothes at my uncle’s place in Singapore where I was staying last weekend. I have about 3 tops and a pair of khakis in that pile. I can’t believe I left them behind and didn’t realise till I got to my gran’s house the next day. And no. I didn’t leave them behind intentionally just so I could have an excuse to go back Singapore.. hehe. (It was my friend asked me yesterday if I had intentionally left them behind.. LOL!)

So yesterday I made plans to head down again in late April to collect my clothes and at the same time, catch Mayday’s concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. What a great idea huh? I contacted a fren in Spore and asked if she was gonna attend the concert and if I could tag along.

Then late yesterday evening at work as I was relating the story to a colleague, she told me her mom is going down to Singapore this weekend and she could bring my clothes back for me. As it turned out, her mom is going to be staying just 2 blocks from my uncle’s place in Singapore. What a coincidence!!

So that solves the problem of getting my clothes back. But what am I gonna tell my fren about the Mayday gig? She had replied very promptly saying she'll be attending and buying the $128 tickets. But last night she sent me an email saying that she won't be attending the Mayday gig. I'm kinda relieved and disappointed at the same time cos I was hoping to catch Mayday twice in a week.

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