Sunday, 24 February 2008

Quadruple Mayday invasion

Last Friday night B.J. talked me into going to Singapore on Tuesday March 4th to catch Mayday at their SG concert promo. The lads will be here on Saturday March 1st (yay!!) to promote their upcoming concert on April 19th at Genting. B.J. was keen to go SG and I couldn't resist not going.. although that means that I have to take 2 days off work (cos it's held on a weekday!!) I didn't want to miss the chance cos it's not very often that my fave TW band comes to town. This time around they are doing their Msia and SG concert promo and concerts back to back.

The Genting concert is their final stop for their JUMP world tour. Then on April 26th they will be playing at SG indoor Stadium, the first stop for their brand new "Down To Earth" world tour. The stage set-up for the SG is pretty impressive.. with walkways and skybridge and all.

A friend of mine from SG texted me today while I was having dinner asking if I'd like to get the $108 ticket cos she plans to go. I had told her earlier that I wanted to go :) I texted her back almost immediately - YES I WANNA GO PLS GET ME A TIX :)

So now yours truly is heading to SG on March 4th and April 26th.. just to see Mayday. LOL. I must be mad.. or a really fanatic Mayday supporter :P

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