Saturday, 23 February 2008

Love Ashin

Found some free time today to work on a banner for the Mayday concert promo at Sungei Wang this coming Saturday. It didn't take half as long as I thought to make it cos I had done up the fonts earlier.

The fonts are rather large.. I intentionally made them large so Mr Chen can see them from afar.. just in case I can't get to the front. Ahh if I had known earlier that they were coming in March and April I'd have order a LED banner instead cos those LED ones are much better. When it's lit up in the dark you can see it clearly from like a mile away.

The only problem is I can't seem to find anyone or shop here to make the banner. If I know how to I could DIY it. But I don't know how. Most people get their LED banners specially ordered in HK (that's what I was told). This one here below is made in HK and costs a bomb.

This Homeboy banner has travelled round the world from KL to Singapore, HK, Indonesia and even the USA!!

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