Sunday, 14 March 2010

DNA tickets in the mail

My US DNA concert tickets have arrived safely in England :) Thanks sunset2712 for the below photo. I finally have a snapshot of all the tickets together. I shall have my hands on them soon.. on 2 April when I get to New York city haha!

Complicated arrangement eh? The ticket bookings were all done by Elly, my homie in Boston and mailed to sunset2712, my homie in Sheffield because Elly couldn't meet up in Mohegan to pass me the tickets and I figured it'd be safer to have the tickets mailed to sunset2712 in England (since sunset2712 is meeting me in NYC to embark on the US DNA concert tour together) than have them mailed halfway round the world here. Not that I don't have faith in our local postal service, but with concert tickets, one can't be too careful.

Mohegan Sun, San Jose and LA DNA concert tickets! That's a total of 6 First Row and 1 Third Row tickets ^__^

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