Monday, 1 March 2010

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

It's been such a long while since I last played the DS. I dusted off the ol' DS (which isn't even mine haha) and got cracking on the newly released Ace Attorney Investigation. Looking back, I had been anticipating this game since October 2008. Back then they had used the working title "Perfect Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth" for the Edgey spin-off, which I like better than the current one.

It was good to see so many familiar loveable characters - from Franziska von Karma, Larry Butz to Wendy Oldbag etc. I was half expecting to see Phoenix Wright, but I suppose there was no reason for him to appear in it. Edgey-poo even has a sidekick now, like how Phoenix had Maya.

The basis of the game is similar to the Ace Attorney series, minus the courtroom action. The biggest difference is that there are now 'miniature' versions of the characters that the player is able to move about in the game during "Investigation". Gameplay feels longer than the last Apollo game I played (or maybe cos I haven't played an Ace Attorney game in ages..) Episode 5 felt like it was neverending LOL but it was a great complicated plot that stretched through 3 episodes. All in all this is a good play and one not to be missed by fans of the series

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Anonymous said...

I haven't finished the game yet but I love what they did with the smaller sprites you can move around the screen. :) I was hoping to see Phoenix as well but that was hoping too much... b-b-but Larry was there... why not Phoenix hehe... It would have been really nice even if he's there for a small cameo (like Lotta Hart)