Saturday, 24 April 2010

DNA World Tour scrapbook

I've been meaning to make my own D.N.A World Tour scrapbook and finally got around to make one after procrastinating for so long. I collated all my DNA concert ticket, air ticket stubs, flyers etc - whatever that had anything to do with my DNA tour trips :)

that's all my DNA concert tickets :) all 16 of them!

air ticket stubs and hotel keycards
train/bus tickets, DNA luggage tag & Kaohsiung stadium map
Kaohsiung merchandise order form, San Jose concert flyer and SG concert postcards
LA concert flyer, Mohegan bus ticket, Kaohsiung souvenir book and DNA tape


sunset2712 said...

Whoaaaa!! Really impressive! There is one more coming, your home country one! LOL

C'est Moi~ said...

i applaud you ling.. I have this book for like concerts stuff.. and it has not been finish.. hahahaha :p

Anonymous said...

That is the most awesome-est scrap book I've ever seen!! Nice collection!

But are you coming down to the Australian concerts? Lol, I think those are the only one's you're missing!(=

Unknown said...

Thanks. Sadly am not able to make it down under - can't take too much time off work after last month's long trip >.< You gonna see them again? Have fun!

monkee apples said...

Yep! Saw them yesterday! AWESOME AS ALWAYS! Really have to take time off next year to go see them overseas, special effects and such not as spectacular here, but unforgettable nonetheless!

Also went one step further this year and did some stalking lol. Unfortunately, other people had the same idea so there was a whole bunch of us waiting outside the restaurant they had supper at but I got a close glimpse of Guan You, Shi Tou and Masa!(Unfortunately, Ashin and Guai Shou weren't at supper) Less than 2 metres away as I watched them be ushered onto the mini bus!!(= That's enough to get me excited cause I've never been so close to them before!

Sorry, probably sound like a screaming fan girl now, but I didn't scream just kept grinning dopily as they waved and snuck onto the bus(=

Anyway, I think I've bombarded your comment box long enough, so will finish off here(=

Unknown said...

If you can, you really should cos nothing beats watching them in their homeground!

But watching them outside Asia ain't that bad.. at least the venues are much smaller and you get to be much closer to them and those row 1 seats are easy to get LOL though the downside is you don't get the full stage & props & all and sometimes the venue isn't even filled up AND the sets are so much shorter :( But you can't have everything eh?

justine said...

wow... i'm completely blown away. how did you find the time?!