Thursday, 22 April 2010

20110410 變形DNA 洛杉磯演唱會 LA DNA Unlimited concert

★Venue:Gibson Amphitheatre
★Event:五月天變形DNA無限放大版世界巡迴演唱會/Mayday World Tour [2010 Unlimited Edition]

Mayday live at Universal City!
The Los Angeles concert was the third stop of the American D.N.A Unlimited Edition world tour and in my opinion, was the best performance of the four concerts. For once, the concert venue was packed and I could see no empty seats. The venue looked somewhat smaller than Mohegan Sun Arena - the seating capacity for Gibson Amphitheatre is only a little over 6,000 seats. The VIP area had only 166 seats!! That is the smallest VIP area I had ever seen. There were only 8 rows of VIP seats, and the longest row had only 23 seats across.

Gibson Amphitheatre
Gibson Amphitheatre also had the closest proximity to the stage. From Row 1 if you stretch out from the barricade you could almost touch the band members' shoes. Unfortunately this was the only American D.N.A Unlimited concert that I did not obtain Row 1, but I had spectacular view from my Row 3 middle-ish seat.

The concert started about half an hour into 7.00pm. Again, the setlist was a little different from Mohegan Sun. I love how they keep juggling the songs for each show so audience don't always hear the exact same songs for every show and the band won't get bored playing the same setlist night after night. If my memory serves me right, this was the only American stop they played 愛情萬歲

The presence of English subtitles on the videos they played in between each set was unexpected. In Asia they have Chinese subtitles on the videos. Next time they should have English subs during the concert on the big screen when Ashin sings. haha

English subs
The LA stop was also the only American D.N.A concert that had Guan You singing with Ashin on drums. Guan You talked about his brief 4 month stay in LA and how he had gotten lost going home.

The LA concert also saw the band having an extra set of costume change. Maybe they finally found time in LA to do their laundry haha. Did anyone notice Ashin wears the same pants throughout every concert?
Though the concert never came close to a 3 hour run, this was the closest to a full scale DNA concert. I just LOVE the venue! And I love how they'd sing 倔強 at every American DNA concert :)

show's over
The biggest prize I got from the LA concert was the roll of DNA tape that Ashin threw during Hosee. I've gotten several rolls from previous concerts, but have never caught a full uncut roll (they always get torn off halfway by other fans) It's really long and I never know they had 2 AA batteries stuck at the end of the tape...



iruka said...

ashin looks a little more chubbier... or it was just the angle you took the shot :P

Unknown said...

i think he gained some extra weight ~hehe