Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20100404 變形DNA Connecticut演唱會 D.N.A Unlimited concert

My first blog entry in over 2 weeks!

I've been really busy the past few weeks globetrotting pursuing Mayday across 2 continents and 5 different cities.

First stop was Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, USA on 4 April 2010. It was my second trip to Mohegan Sun, having previously watched another concert there 3 years ago. It was good to be back there as I was familiar with the venue. Not much has changed in the arena though the casino has seen some changes.

Mohegan Sun Arena entrance
most of the seats were still empty after the concert started 

The 2AM concert turned out to be the shortest set of the American D.N.A tour. Was it because they were tired from the jetlag or were they just warming up for the 2PM show. The arena was rather empty during the 2PM show - towards the back and all around the cheaper seats. It was pretty disheartening to see such an empty arena and I hope the guys weren't disappointed or anything. It's their first ever concert in Mohegan Sun (and east coast US for that matter) Let's hope it won't be the last.

They sang a number of Hokkien songs: 垃圾車, 憨人 and 叫我第一名 for the 2PM concert which was good. The 2PM set was slightly longer than the 2AM set by between 15-20 mins.

Having watched Mayday across Asia in mega sized stadiums, it was good to see Mayday in a smaller venue. Though the American DNA sets were devoid of the laser effects and stage props, it was refreshing to see the band in a simple set. No fancy gizmos or effects, just the band doing what they do best - playing live! :D And smaller venues = intimate gigs :) and we had awesome Row 1 seats for both shows. There was no way we'd be able to get so close to the stage in Asia.

Both the 2AM and 2PM concerts started exactly on time, not a minute earlier or later. That's highly impressive! I have never ever been to concert that's so punctual. They'd usually start about 30 mins or so after the scheduled time. Sometimes even later.

During both concerts the guys poked fun at Guan You gambling in red underwear. The guys were holed up for so long in Mohegan they probably couldn't do anything else but gamble.

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