Monday, 24 January 2011

20110122 Rock 30 快樂天堂 滾石三十新加坡演唱會

My first concert of 2011. Rock 30 [快樂天堂] 滾石三十新加坡演唱會.

To be honest I don't know a whole lot of the artists that performed at the concert - I didn't grow up listening to them. I do know Emil Chau , Wu Bai and the younger stars - Zhang Zhen Yue (A-Yue), Alex Toh, Alien Huang, MC Hot Dog, Shunza. That's about it.

The almost 4 hour long concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium started at about 8+ PM. Earlier in the day Rock Records had anounced that the concert will start on time as there are many performing artists.

Kicking off was the combo of Wu Bai & China Blue, A-Yue & Free 9 and Mayday sharing the stage, with their respective frontman singing classic tunes 凡人歌, 夢醒時分, 戀曲1980, 鹿港小鎮.


The concert continued with performances by A-Yue, Alex Toh, Alien Huang. Midway through the concert I nearly dozed off, not knowing who the performing artists were...

Mayday finally appeared onstage about 10:30PM. They sang 4 songs: 憨人, 人生海海, 知足 and 溫柔. It was so good to see them again live.

Wu Bai & China Blue took the stage after Mayday and the concert ended with the performing artists (minus the ones who performed earlier) onstage singing 快樂天堂

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