Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Sonic 2012 @ Tokyo

I almost forgot about this post, the follow-up from Summer Sonic @ Osaka Unfortunately I have no photos to share as they seem to have been deleted by mistake ! =.=

Unlike Summer Sonic Osaka, Summer Sonic Tokyo's stage were mostly held indoor at Makuhari Messe save for the main stage, Marine Stage which was held at QVC Marine Field. Though it was a lot more comfortable being indoor, the whole atmosphere sorely lacked "festival feel".

Mountain Stage was housed inside one of the many halls of Makuhari Messe and it was pretty big (20,000 or so capacity!). When I arrived there was already a sizeable crowd, who mostly came to watch Flip and Champagne, both local rock bands. When Champagne came on, the crowd went really wild and crazeeee!! 

I was really appalled by the attitude of the Tokyo fans - when Tribes' performance ended and part of the crowd had cleared, Mayday fans behind me started pushing their way to the front: how rude!!Lack of manners was something I didn't expect to see in the Tokyo crowd. On the contrary, the crowd in Osaka were really well behaved.

Mayday played a longer set compared to Summer Sonic Osaka. It was nice hearing Monster and Ashin speaking Japanese, though I do not understand a word of it

Stuck around after Mayday's performance to catch the rest of the performances at Mountain stage:
Cast - one word: "has-been".
The Cardigans - what can I say? I only stuck around to hear them sing 'Lovefool"
Hoobastank - almost died in the moshpit~ for reasons I can't fathom, they're popular in Japan, having played their 5th Summer Sonic in 10 years. They weren't exactly that good live, but one thing's for sure: Doug Robb is one hell of an Japanses ass-kisser!! So yeah, I kinda get why they're so big in Japan.
Garbage - WICKED!! Shirley Manson's performance is simply mesmerizing

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