Monday, 3 September 2012

Audi x Mayday五月天™ 諾亞方舟 [ 航空母艦版 ] 高雄

Audi x Mayday五月天™
諾亞方舟 [ 航空母艦版 ] 高雄 5 萬人體育場
■ 12/21 末日狂歡 ∷ 12/22 明日重生 ∷ 12/31 明日重生
■ 09/08 am11 (六) 全台ibon門票首賣
■ more info ∷ 相信音樂國際股份有限公司
■ more info ∷ 高雄 不思議


Anonymous said...

Hi Bloodbubble, thank you for always keeping us up to date with all things Mayday. Would you know if I can purchase the 30/12 concert tix online using a foreign credit card? (i'm not based in taiwan). Thx a mil for the help.

Unknown said...

hi there
yes you can. you can purchase the tix online at

Anonymous said...

Hey there gal!! Happy birthday!

Drop me a line when u can!!


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