Sunday, 2 September 2012

20120901 新竹縣全國客家義民之夜晚會

I arrived at the Hsinchu County Stadium on Friday night. At Exit No. 2, in the motorcycle parking lot, there was already a line of 50 or so fans with their tents set up. A typical scene the night before a Mayday concert here in Taiwan. Some of the more hardcore ones actually start queuing days, up to a week ahead of the event.

event ticket

Do not be surprised to see the Q in front of you multiply tenfold ~ if it's a free concert, chances are the folks in the waiting Q are also Q-ing for their family, friends, neighbours, classmates, workmates etc.

Hsinchu County Stadium - my first time here! It's bigger and newer than the Hsinchu City Stadium.

All of a sudden, at about 4:00PM it started to piss down really heavily. The crowd got restless as the organiser wanted to wait out for the downpour to stop before letting us in. Towards the back of the line it got really chaotic and people started pushing their way to teh front. Thankfully the front section of the line was still orderly.

We were allowed inside the stadium at 4:30PM and it was a chaotic sight as fans made the mad dash inside the stadium ground. Thankfully there were seats though they were all wet from the heavy rain. I guess most fans made the dash for the left side of the stage cos I managed to grab a seat in row 4 on the right side. Not too bad!

The heavy rain brought the temperature that evening down to a cool 24C. Sweet!

831 and Champion came onstage to soundcheck for over an hour before the actual concert started.

歌單 (五月天部分):
02 歪腰
03 離開地球表面
04 我不願 讓你一個人
05 乾杯
06 最重要的小事
07 倔強
08 突然好想你
09 聽不到

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