Monday, 8 October 2012

12/30 Kaohsiung ticket sale: 五月天高雄加場 5萬張票30分鐘搶光

Yesterday's ticket sale for 12/30 in Kaohsiung went on sale at 11:00am and all 50 thousand tickets were snapped up in just 30 minutes.

News link below:

五月天高雄加場 5萬張票30分鐘搶光
The good news is that B'in Music has confirmed that they will be NOT be adding any dates for the Kaohsiung concert. *phews*

only 2 people in the line...
yesterday's ticket haul ! =D


Addie said...

hi bloodbubble,

hope u dont mind me asking this, u dont have to approve it if you dont want to. im just curious with the ways you always manage to get mayday tix. i knw many ppl asked u this before, and i dont know if you've shared with them. anyway, personally this round im going too and IM VERY HAPPY I GET TO GO!!!, tat's bcoz of the promo package by china airline, and im really grateful for it coz if not, i seriously dunno hw oversea fans can get their tix. i understand that one can buy online too if not in taiwan, but as we all knw, the online site is very2 hard to get in - busy traffic. And this round apparently ibon machines are very smooth. my question is this (haha stupid as it may sound): fans camped overnite to purchase their tix, so does tat mean although ibon machine is smooth, but in order to be able to grab the tix, one have to make sure u are in front of the queue? so each time also u have to camp on site? im sorry if i sounded busybody, i dont have other intention, just out of curiosity :)

Unknown said...

hi addie
good to hear that you got tickets. i didn't camp overnight at 7-11 to buy tickets for the December Kaohsiung concert. Last Sunday there was only 2 people in the queue to buy ticket at the 7-11 I went. You don't necessarily need to queue overnight to get tickets, a lot of it also depends on luck

Addie said...

ah.. i see. i guess it has to do too with which 7-11 you frequented + some luck? i knw of a friend who jokingly said, maybe she needs to go to ali-shan's 7-11, hahahaha~ thanks for replying :)