Wednesday, 3 October 2012

20120930 sodagreen 蘇打綠 @ 苗栗藝術煙火節

Last Sunday, I spent my Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節 in Miaoli at the International Fireworks and Arts Festival 國慶煙火暨苗栗國際藝術季

As you know. Mayday will be performing at the Festival on 10/10, which will run from 09/29 till 10/27. The Festival will feature a fireworks competition from participants from across the globe, and performances from various artists including sodagreen 蘇打綠, Jing Chang 張芸京, Yen-J 嚴爵, 831 八三夭, A-Yue & Free-9 張震嶽&Free-9樂團, Jonathan Lee 李宗盛, Mayday 五月天 , among others. For the full line-up, surf on to the official website

It's a free festival and no ticket is required so what'ya waiting for? C'mon down and join the fun !

sunset in Miaoli

with so many different type of food stalls, you won't have to worry about going hungry 
there's also a funfair on site - entry is free only for Miaoli residents 
the first fireworks display
sodagreen's qingfeng
since it was 中秋節, sodagreen got their guitarist to dress up as Sailor Moon LOL!!

as you can see, there weren't that many people there last Sunday 
the event ended with a second round of fireworks

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