Thursday, 11 October 2012

20121010 101國慶煙火暨國際藝術季在苗栗

The 2+ hour train ride from Taipei felt somewhat longer than the trip I made the previous week to watch sodagreen. I alighted at 豐富 station at about 8ish at night. Not a single soul was in sight at the station, nor the surrounding area. After a 10 minute trek in near-total darkness to the venue ground, I was greeted with this familiar sight:

overnight campers
A couple of guys were onstage tweeking the sound and stage lighting. As all the best spots for the front row were already taken up, I settled for a spot on the right side, facing the centre of the stage. 

The night watchman who was concerned about us catching a cold from sleeping out in the open windy ground came over and offered us full use of the backstage area (the backstage portaloo and tents (for sleeping).

As the night fell, it only got colder and the windier. Brrr... I sought refuge from the strong chilly wind in one of the backstage tent attempting to sleep on a makeshift bed consisting of 2 plastic chairs.

At 6:00am I made my way back to the line. By the time the sun came up it was scorching hot and we were literally being baked under the sun. 

the line at 6:00am
massive crowd baking under the scorching afternoon heat 
By mid-afternoon we were finally relieved of the countless hours of queuing boredom. Yen-J, Jonathan Lee, A-Yue, 831 turned up for rehearsal. 

Mayday's rehearsal LOL
阿璞 checking his Line messages while rehearsing 
Finally it was 8:00PM. Showtime! First up was 翁立友 Wong Li-You whom Ashin remarked looked like Monster (i can see the resemblance LOL), followed by 831, A-Yue, Yen-J and Jonathan Lee. What a stellar line-up!!

blurry close up shot of 阿璞
Mayday was the final artist on the bill and took the stage after Jonathan Lee. Luckily the two Yen-J fans in front row left during Mayday's second song so I managed to move up to the front row from my second row spot. Yay!!

During the second verse of 知足, Ashin descended the stairs and walked towards the crowd. I wasn't expecting him to walk over and stand RIGHT IN FRONT of me!! *faints* Fans all around me had their hands stretched out but none touched him. In my mind I thought how nice it'd be to run my fingers through his hair XDDD 

I stretched out my hand and planted it firmly on Ashin's shoulder. Though all I could feel was the shoulder pad on his StayReal jacket, it was enough to make my day!

When the concert sadly came to an end, I got onto one of the many the 接駁車 headed for Miaoli train station. Managed to get on the last Taipei bound train. Arrived back in Taipei past 1:00 in the morning, tired but oh so happy.

Ashin descending the stairs.. c'mon over now
*all photos by bloodbubble 2012

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