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五月天諾亞方舟 溫哥華場 預售票訊息 Mayday Nowhere VANCOUVER Concert pre-sale

3/17 五月天諾亞方舟溫哥華場
3/17 Vancouver Mayday Now-Here Concert
Vancouver Mayday Now-Here Concert Presale Ticket Event

1月11日 (六) 下午1點 至 6點
Saturday, January 11, 1PM - 6PM
@ CBC Studio 700 (700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC)

票價資訊 Ticket Information:
Price Level 1: $253.30
Price Level 2: $211.65
Price Level 3: $149.25
Price Level 4: $95.30
Price Level 5: $74.75

* 票價皆含稅及服務費
* 每人限購4張票
* 前兩百張Price Level 1門票持有者將可獲得一份五月天紀念品

* All inclusive prices.
* Limit 4 tickets per person.
* Mayday souvenirs available for first 200 price level 1 ticket holders.

** 粉絲留言. Create a Message to Mayday **

五迷們,有很多話想對五月天說嗎? 一定不要錯過預售會現場留言的機會!

At the Presale event, you will have a chance to record a video message for Mayday.
*Some video message could be chosen to be shown prior to the start of the concert.

**五月天3DNA影片放映. Mayday 3DNA Movie Screening**


Watch Mayday's 3DNA Movie screening with other Mayday fans! Free admission.
*Subject to Capacity

For more information, follow Mayday Nowhere Vancouver Concert FB page

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