Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April's fool!

Whilst I was in a meeting this morning with my colleague and a client early this morning, the fire alarm went off.. oh dang!!! Turned out to be a fire drill. Had to walk in my heels all the way down from Level 12 cos we weren't allowed to take the lift (my left knee almost gave way... LOL)

Rayne took me to Sungei Wang after work today to check out a shop that was selling custom made LED board. Now, I have asked numerous people but none knew where in KL to get a LED board made. Rayne's fren who's a TVXQ fan had her board made there. Turns out the guy running the place is a mega rip-off. He showed me a sample banner that he was currently working on which was not even as big as my Casey banner.. and it costs a whopping RM500!!! *faints*

Baby J buzzed me when I was still outside saying she had read on Ashin's blog that the Down To Earth tour was cancelled (WTH??!!).. only to find out that it's an April's Fool prank by Ashin. Cheeky monkey!! LOL

.... I am getting my increment this month!! hurray!! :D

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