Wednesday, 7 January 2009

20090106 後青春期的詩簽名會 新加坡站

Mayday had their 後青春期的詩 autograph signing session the day after the concert at Central, a quiet mall in Clarke Quay.

We weren't expecting a large Q in the morning as the 後青春期的詩 autograph session was held on Monday and I was hoping that most fans would still be at work or school. Much to my surprise, when I arrived in the morning there were 13 people ahead of me!

the Q at noon
Mayday turned up at 7ish PM after their interview at 933FM looking rather weary and tired. Ashin looked totally spaced out but still charming nevertheless :)

did anyone notice that they are all wearing the same clothes from the album photoshoot except Masa

These guys have been doing so many free/campus concerts in Taiwan that 後青春期的詩 is still sitting comfortably in the top 3 in the album chart in their homeland. Last week they were in the no 2 spot, beating Leehom's newly released Heartbeat album which was at no 3!!

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