Wednesday 28 January 2009

Top selling albums in Taiwan in 2008

Sina reported Taiwan’s top selling albums of 2008 last week and Mayday are firmly placed at numero uno spot with President Chou trailing behind them. What’s interesting to note is that the 2 best selling albums of 2008 were both released in late 2008 [in October to be exact] i.e both albums have only been selling for 2+ months, yet they outsold their counterparts who had their albums released in early 2008.

Mayday managed to outsell everyone else in Taiwan cos they were crazy enough to give away free concerts to fans who had bought their albums with the promise of a 100 free concerts across Asia. The move turned out to be a huge success, with Mayday outselling Jay by almost 50% of their total sales colume.

Show Luo, Leehom and Fahrenheit managed a 9th, 16th and 12th spot respectively. Considering that the albums were only released in the last week of December, it’s quite an achievement for the artistes.

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