Monday, 9 February 2009

Victor Wong in HK

Come 18 February 2009, Victor Wong Ping Guan [黃品冠] will be having a concert at the HK Coliseum, which was just recently re-opened after months of closure due to renovation works.

Ashin will be Victor's guest artiste at the concert. Incidentally, I've been listening to Ashin's version of "哄我入睡" on repeat (thanks Jiayu for the song!) [哄我入睡 was written and composed by Ashin for Victor]

I last saw Victor and Ashin sharing the same stage, in HK last May during Mayday's final Down To Earth [回到地球表面] concert at the Asiaworld Expo. I found it rather odd that Victor kept calling Ashin "ah soon gor" when clearly Victor is the older of the two

ah soon gor + ping guan

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