Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Juggling drummer

Chris Sharrock.

The name may not be familiar to most, but if you were at the SG Indoor Stadium last Sunday, it would’ve been hard for you not to have noticed him (Well the other being the keyboardist, whom Noel referred to as the 'direct descendant of Gandalf') Sharrock was formerly from Robbie Williams’ band, and is now currently on tour with Oasis.

I've been to gigs and have seen many drummers in action but this guy is by far the most impressive drummer I have ever seen. He has really amazing drumming skills, not only does he play one hell of a set on the drums at lightning speed, the man can juggle and spin his sticks while playing!!! AWESOME!!!! I have never ever seen anyone do that before LOL I was in awe just watching him playing the drums I totally forgot to catch it on vid.. DUH!



chris said...

omg, the thing he did by spinning the sticks between the fingers then continue drumming without missing a beat was amazing!

Unknown said...

Chris Sharrock is TOO COOL! my jaw dropped when i saw him spinning the sticks while playing lol