Monday, 31 August 2009

D.N.A Singapore 828 & 829

Watched my 4th and 5th D.N.A concerts over the weekend in Singapore. Needless to say both concerts were equally enjoyable and ran till 12:15AM! They must've taken note that many fans were upset that initially Mayday had only announce that the 828 show was gonna run till past midnight.. so they decided to sing past midnight on both nights.

Having attending all 3 nights during the first leg of D.N.A in HK a couple of months back, I was looking forward to hearing them sing the older songs from their debut album (828 being the 10th anniversary of their 168 concert) It was good to hear I LOVE YOU無望 and 志明與春嬌(bossa nova version) on 828. Masa sang 明白 beautifully on acoustic guitar on 829. My personal favourites, 憨人, 垃圾車 and 終結孤單 were also added in the setlist

Mayday's new drummer

Ashin's voice sounded a bit 'off' during the concert and they must be so tired cos I've never seen Ashin sitting down while singing during a concert. When Monster saw Ashin sitting, he went to have a sit as well.. LOL! Ashin sang a couple of songs sitting down and this was by far the funniest was the slow R&B-ish rendition of 戀愛ing. Too cute!

All in all it was two nights of great fun.

Next stop: D.N.A Taipei.. counting down 23 days!

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Anonymous said...


I saw your blog few days ago..
Mayday Fan.. heehee.. me too..

i went for both the concert in Singapore too.. Great concert..
King of Live Concert indeed....

Ya.. they are getting old liao...