Wednesday, 16 September 2009

69 rocks

I finally got my hands on a copy of David Tao's latest album 六九樂章 [Opus 69]. It's been 3 years since his last album. David usually takes about this long to release albums, which is an awfully long time in mandopop world, considering most of his peers put out an album almost yearly.

This is actually quite different from his previous studio effort 太美麗 [Beautiful], which I didn't like much. I reckon 太美麗 is the poorest of all the albums that he has released to date.

Opus 69 is refreshingly wide ranging, and features genre-hybrid style from raggae to rock. A perfect example is track no. 7 關於陶喆 [Re: DT] which blends raggae, rap and rock all in one song! David plays tribute to Queen in that very same song (my favourite part!)

Although predominantly rock influenced, the album still retained some mellow elements, in particular tracks 5 暗戀 [Adoration) and 9 請繼續,任性 [Miss Sweetie]. Track 5 火鳥功 [Zero To Hero] is the first single from the album, and it showcases David's amazing falsetto. The guy has really impressive falsetto and vocal range. Remember when he sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on the Soul Power CD? First time I heard his rendition, it blew me away

My current favourite track from the album is track 8 我太傻 [Summer Love Triangle], which has a really infectious upbeat melody. Why does he always sing about love triangle and loneliness?

Watch out for the hidden track right at the end of track 14 - absolutely hilarious!

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