Sunday, 6 September 2009

D.N.A Taipei countdown: 18 days!

It's been over a week after D.N.A Singapore and all is quiet in the Mayday camp. The lads are currently in the US, travelling from New York, Boston to Virginia. Special thanks to Elly for delivering my letter to Ashin on their Mansfield stop hehe :P In case you're wondering too, what are they doing there?!

Next stop on the D.N.A tour list is their homeground, Taipei [24 - 27 September] Counting down 18 days! I finally got my Taipei concert tickets through Net in Singapore last week. Yay! I'm almost all set to go :))

my tix for all 4 DNA Taipei


mushroomhead said...

waitg for u to come back and tell us all the exciting things :)

Unknown said...

will do! :)