Wednesday, 30 September 2009


The first 2 days during my trip to Taipei, there was a highly annoying commercial that kept playing on telly (at a rate of every 15 minutes.. I kid you not) It was the Zespri kiwi ad which featured 2 dudes in a Kiwi body suit playing guitar singing 起來. Initially I thought it was rather cute, but after non-stop airplay, I started to get really sick of it.

Then on Thursday night at Taipei Arena, something made me change my mind about that song.. I was gobsmacked when Mayday sang that song..!! So after 4 nights of hearing Mayday singing 起來, I'm totally in love with the song now LMAO XP

And if you didn't already know, the song was originally sung by 四分衛, and one of the member (sorry his name escapes me now) appeared onstage as guest artist on the final concert last Sunday.

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